About Debra

Accent On Health Wellness is Denver Colorado’s metropolitan area’s premier alternative health care provider.

Debra started her studies into wellness when she was a teen doing Yoga with Swami Rama. She also learned Ayurvedic eating, cooking, and Ayurvedic acupuncture [painless acupuncture] from this teacher and a personal mentor in naturopathic medicine. Her mentor Francis taught her many ways to use energy work, massage, and various natural styles of wellness and healing from the Middle East and Asia.

She received certification in Homeopathy from Consolidated Health Institute Of Colorado in 1992 and Doctoral work through Devon School Of Homeopathy.

Dr. Debra studies include the use of combination remedies, Italian homeopathics becoming certified in homeopathic injection therapy and other advancements in this therapy.

Debra studied with Dr. Ron Rosen OMD, a leading doctor in Asian medicine in the early 1990’s and completed a degree in Chinese Medicine studies from Colorado School Of Traditional Medicine 1998.

Health Coaching With Debra

It was at this time Dr. Debra began  health coaching, speaking, writing books, and articles about your limitless potential, health, and lifestyle.

In 1999, she discovered Dr. Jeffery Bland MD and began studying Functional Medicine through his pioneering work in this field of western natural medicine. Dr. Debra continued bringing into her education various certifications in functional approaches to wellness, nutrition, supplementation, exercise, and mindset. She completed her doctorate work with Great Lakes College, Columbus Ohio 2011.


Other studies or certifications include educators: Deepak Chopra MD, Anthony Robbins, Devi Nambudripad DC, Ellen Culter MD, John Brimhall DC , David Katz MD, Mark Hyman MD, Chris Kresser and Functional Medicine with educators for the Institute of Functional medicine and Evolution of Medicine Advanced Education Medical Summits.

Functional Medicine And Health Coaching

She is a graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition© or IIN™.  Dr. Deb also has attended ADAPT Academy Courses in Functional Medicine and Primal or Ancestral Lifestyles.

Health coaching is gaining popularity with people wanting to live longer and healthy. Debra’s extensive studies into mind-body wellness blend perfectly with IIN™ primary food philosophy that states the most important foods are fulfilling relationships, enjoyable activity, rewarding career, and a spiritual path.

Dr. Deb works with patients and clients throughout the world. She is a bestselling author, Unleash Your Hidden Potential -Quantum Thinking For the 21st Century, 2004. Currently, she is working on her second book in this series. She is a contributing writer for various online and offline magazines, writes a blog, has a podcast Enhanced Living Today, which covers Body Mind Spirit topics.

Acupuncture – Injection Therapy – Physical Therapy – Functional Medicine

She practices acupuncture, acupuncture injection therapy, and functional medicine in Littleton working with local patients both insurance based or self-pay. She is an in-network provider of physical medicine, acupuncture injection therapy, and acupuncture.

As a Health and Life Coach Debra works both locally with clients and virtually with people across the country. Tools like Skype, the internet, and phone systems make it possible to coach with Deb from anywhere worldwide.

Dr. Deb has practiced alternative medicine since 1990 starting as a classical homeopath and moving into the world of Asian Medicine including acupuncture. She is one of the few “Ayurvedic Acupuncturists” in North America. “Ayurvedic Acupuncture” is known to be the oldest form of acupuncture and uses massage, gentle traction, and essential oils as part of the treatment.

“Ayurvedic Acupuncture” is a painless form of treatment offering amazing healing benefits, pain reliefs and includes body work therapies covered by most insurance.


Please note, Dr. Debra’s service may be covered under your Physical Therapy benefits if you do not have acupuncture.

Her personal health journey included severe migraines, weak immune function and digestion problems. Debra understands health problems getting in the way of enjoying family and life. It is her goal to help people rediscover wellness without giving up life through acupuncture and natural medicine.