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Acupuncture Along With Anti-Inflammatory Commotion Salad A Perfect Mix For Pain Relief

I call this recipe Commotion Salad because it creates a commotion in your mouth as the flavor mingle. You’ll enjoy sweetness along with tartness and a myriad of tastes. Because inflammation can slow or even stall your healing it’s great to get acupuncture and know what food with help you have less pain, more balanced hormones, and better sleep. Many patients say our recipes also help with digestion problems! Acupuncture and food are related!

10 Foods That Can Help Fight Dementia

Dementia is a concern for many people. As our population ages, we keep hearing that age-related memory disorders are destroying families. Not only do children get stuck with caring for parents and making tough decisions they find themselves drained of energy. Because I care about this topic, I wanted to share my favorite 10 Foods that can help fight dementia.

How Vitamin D Protects Your Brain Function

It’s not new science it’s just not mentioned much yet. Vitamin D protects your brain function. This includes supporting new brain cell growth and removing amyloid. Amyloid is a starch like protein that is deposited in the liver, kidneys, spleen or other tissues in...

Mini Prosciutto Egg Frittatas Recipe

While there are many versions of this recipe, of course, I like mine best. It’s an adoption of Nommonpaleo and Rachel Ray. If you’re watching your lectins leave out the tomatoes as I do. If not, then add chopped sautéed tomatoes to your vegetable mix. We make these...