Does Health Insurance cover acupuncture? For that matter what about functional medicine?

The simple answer is yes. 

But it’s complicated and that’s why you might not know that your functional medicine or acupuncture care can be done by an in-network provider like Debra Arko Novotny. 

The easy way to think of it is most insurance in handled at the state level and so the laws in Colorado dictate your care. We’re lucky.  


Does Health Insurance Cover Acupuncture And Functional Medicine?


Yes…. here’s why and how. 


But Not All Acupuncturists Or Functional Practitioners Take Insurance 


When I started my practice back in 1992 it was a privilege to be accepted by a health care plan. To serve and care for people who had health insurance in addition to those that did not. It meant I was helping a diverse group of patients. I still feel this way today. 

While a big part of my practice is cash pay, many of my patients use their health insurance. Unfortunately many health providers today feel health insurance no longer is worth their effort. My belief is you’re worth the extra time it takes to do the paperwork. 

As you see from the image on this page we are in-network with the majority of companies. We also are included in the networks with Harrington, GHEA, United Health Care Medicare Supplement, CHP, and many more. 

My Plan Doesn’t Have Acupuncture

Over 60% of all health insurance plans do not cover acupuncture….BUT

We got you covered. Colorado [House Bill] HB11-1186 provides that is your health insurance policy has dry needling with a physical therapist you have acupuncture coverage with me. Advanced dry needling or what is really medical-professional acupuncture is available to you at our office  with over 85% of all insurance policies.


We Got Your Functional Medicine Covered Too! 


A large number of plans include Dr. Debra as a specialist allowing her to bill for Functional Medicine. While your particular wellness program like food, fitness, or supplements may not be covered – your office visits and lab-work may be. 

Medicare Supplement – Workers Comp – Auto Injury

Absolutely! Many medicare supplements allow for acupuncture, advanced dry needling with Dr. Deb too. She also is committed to helping you with your workman’s compensation or auto injury claims. 

I’m A Cash Patient

We have your back too! Our office offers a loyalty program for those without health care insurance. This program reduces in fee for loyal or regular patients. 

We’re here for you when you’re ready. Give us a call! 

Without acupuncture benefits I thought I would have to pay out of pocket for acupuncture.

Dr. Debra’s office found that my physical therapy benefits allow her to do advanced dry needling or acupuncture.
I’d tried dry needling with a PT and it hurt and only worked for a few hours. Not Debra she got rid of my neck pain in 3 visits.

My insurance covered it with Accent On Health and Deb. 


Gabe B – Neck Pain

Health Insurance Covered Care without Acupuncture Benefits!