Sinus Problems: What To Do When Good Sinuses Turn Bad

Everyone at some time experiences sinus problems but when sinuses turn bad it’s all in your head!

Some Interesting Facts

Sinus Problems

Sinus Problems

  • Two sinus cavities are located in the forehead.
  • Two are behind each cheekbone.
  • Two sinus cavities are within the bones between your eyes.
  • Two are behind each eye.

Some researchers  believe we have sinuses to keep our head from being too heavy and we do know they give our voices depth and tone.

Your Nose And Allergies

Most people think all their allergies affect their nose. The truth is over 63% of all allergies affect the digestion. Most allergies are really sensitivities to foods.

When we eat something that our body does not like, distress occurs in our digestion. We may experience bloating, gas, or pain. Other times we notice a stuffy nose or sinus problems.digestion problems

Think back when you ate that pizza loaded with rich, savory cheese melted over the top. Underneath are various kinds of juicy meats like pepperoni or Canadian ham. This is all placed on a thick crust sweetened with corn syrup to make it light and enhance the gluten in the wheat flour.

If your stomach gets upset, we call it acid reflux or indigestion; you say it is from the rich food. If our nose stuffs up not occurring to us that it is allergies to something we ate, but it is.

Many people believe allergies are environmental. Science has proven food sensitivities are at the root of all environmental problems whether a true allergy or sensitivity.

In other words, if you have a sensitivity to sagebrush when it blooms, it is because the germ of its seed is similar to that of wheat. This means you are also sensitive to wheat, even if you do not test allergic to it.

Why Allergies Cause Sinus ProblemsAllergies

Without getting to medical or technical, everything in our body is related through our blood, which flows everywhere carrying the molecules from our food to all tissues. Our sinus tissues are sensitive and a great place for yeast to grow. Yeast or Candida, if it grows is not healthy for our body. This creates sinus problems.

Acupuncture is one of the best treatments for sinus problems. At our Denver Acupuncture Health, we specialize in allergies and sinus infections.

One thing that’s surprising is 10% of the population have an extra sinus! WebMD has a great article on sinus problems.  This article covers narrow sinuses, allergies and more.


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