Virtual Coaching

Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching isn’t something new it’s a way to have health your way.

I work with you and your busy day to guide you to the best you’ve ever felt. Through your computer or smart device, phone, or Skype you can work virtually everywhere with me.

Personal or Corporate Style Virtual Coaching

Online Health CoachFrom the busy mom to career-focused individuals or small businesses cutting costs while, adding value I work with you in mind.

Virtual coaching means, you or your business don’t have to waste time driving, or leave work to change your health and lifestyle. What does this mean for you? More time to enjoy relationships with friends or family. More time relaxing or doing a favorite activity. More everything you want out of life.

For businesses, it means loyal employees who enjoy the work, and are sick less; it means a better work environment allowing higher productivity.  For the owner[s], it means cutting costs for sick leave and health insurance – both are soaring!

It’s About You

Whether you are live local preferring to come to our office or live in a completely different time zone, wellness should be something you enjoy. Working with an integrative health coach can mean a better you.

“When you and I do virtual coaching, you get the same attention as someone sitting across the table from me.”


Business owners: Your business thrives when you and your team have more in common than just work-related tasks. Bringing in an Integrative Nutrition™ health coach gives everyone support in Primary Foods and Secondary Foods unique to each person.

Bioindividuality And Primary Foods

Each person is unique. The foods you ate, the activity you did, even the career you had ten years ago may not work now. Together you and I rediscover the best for you today.

I am a coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition™ or IIN™.  “We believe primary foods that affect health and wellness are simple.  They are:

  • Relationships
  • Physical Activity
  • Career
  • Spirituality


Myself and Integrative Nutrition™ feel that foods we eat are secondary to health and well-being. We don’t diet we bring in better choices around foods and life. I don’t change your life rather together enhance what you are already doing in each primary food area and secondary foods.

When working with companies, I strive to help your team focus on their most enjoyable tasks, learning ways to be more efficient in their workday and all goals. This helps people move less exciting jobs to successful completion through a higher-level of mindset.

Virtual Coaching For You

Your success is my success.  I’ve got your success plan covered with unparalleled coaching programs:

  • Individual mentoring session twice a month using your preferred method of communication – Phone, Skype, or Webinar room.
  • You have unlimited email support. Got a quick question – email!
  • A private audio and video library just for you.
  • Emails from me and my team with a variety of hand-picked success stories, recipes, and more just for you!
  • Online live classes on everything from cooking to relationships. You chose which classes you want to attend or watch the recordings in the ‘vault’ anytime in the future.
  • Support Groups by invitation as you progress, even the ability to mentor others or share your story.
  • Live local workshops, CD’s, books, or other events.
  • Have Debra work with your business, corporation, or company. I can provide local and virtual coaching to help your team stay healthy and well cutting costs of health insurance and illness time for you and your employees.
  • Business programs are available

You only have this one body and your wellness depends on how you choose to invest in yourself today.

To discover is virtual health coaching is right for you.

Call my office to set up a free consultation today!



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