Can’t Sleep? Finding Natural Help For Insomnia

Can’t Sleep? Finding Natural Help For Insomnia

“Last night I closed my eyes only to wake a full hour before I had to get up. I can’t sleep once again. Worse yet it is Saturday; my only morning to sleep in.” It’s been a busy week and like you, I need sleep to recoup my energy. Clients share some version of their insomnia with me weekly. This is just one that I heard recently. Many people can’t sleep. The reason varies. There are many natural ways to get a good nights’ sleep.

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Copious numbers of people try prescription drugs like Ambien or Lunesta only to experience horrible side effects. They range from bad dreams, sleep-walking, not being able to wake up. Lower Libido is another complaint I keep hearing too. The one time I tried it I hallucinated!

Even some forms of natural medicine can have side effects.  My advice don’t give up with holistic aids there is more than the name of the product or ingredient to consider. There is the cultivation and the foods you consume. That’s right your mix of foods, and natural substances, when you can’t sleep, can interact.

Why Our Minds Can’t Sleep


When we can’t sleep, it may be our minds are over-busy, or we suffer from physical pain. These are the two most common problems that create the sleeplessness. Increasingly a high percentage of sleep issue is hormonal in both men and women! I’ve seen patients with insomnia for many reasons; I don’t give up and encourage you to not either.

Our brain and nervous system need neurotransmitters or chemicals to function. When our minds can’t slow down, these chemicals don’t activate correctly. Acupuncture is an extremely helpful part of a healing program for long-term or chronic sleepless nights. There’re three types of sleep aids I like to recommend to help you when you can’t sleep. I’ll cover one in this article, share a few, and include the others in another article.

The Body’s Hormone For Insomnia


Melatonin, for instance, is a natural hormone made by the Pineal gland inside the brain. Our brain knows to stop making it from light hitting the eye. Because we stay up late, have on bright lightening, the Pineal gland doesn’t get the signal.

I had to try a few brands to find one that didn’t cause nightmares for me. This is a common consequence, especially when taken within 2-3 hours of drinking alcohol. Some clients do better with a sublingual form over a capsule. For me, it doesn’t matter it’s how it made. This is why I encourage people to try numerous brands before giving up on Melatonin.

A few other forms we use are a homeopathic remedy and slow release blend. Sometimes the type of Melatonin you take makes the difference for insomnia.

How melatonin works in our body is different from the other sleep-aids I’ll share with you in this article. It is similar to a clock starting to increase around 9 pm making you sleepy and decreasing to untraceable levels at 9 am. Lowering lights, turning down the TV, or shutting it and computers off at 9 pm can enhance your ability to fall asleep naturally. If you don’t go to bed until a few hours later, fill this time reading in a gentle light that doesn’t fill the entire room.

When You Can’t Sleep Try Natural Options


Melatonin isn’t the only natural formula I recommend to clients with insomnia. When I can’t sleep a few specific herbal prescriptions or my favorite, a neurotransmitter work wonders. Gaba or Gamma-Amino Butyric acid is another neurotransmitter. It acts as a tranquilizer for most people. It is non-habit forming and it is a chemical that is made in the brain.

It is used for relieving anxiety, improving mood, reducing symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and treating attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is also used for promoting lean muscle growth, burning fat, stabilizing blood pressure, and relieving pain, according to WebMD.

Even deficiencies in micronutrients can cause insomnia. We offer testing to help you get to the root of the problem and treat it naturally.


I’ve had patients who haven’t had a good night’s sleep in years start sleeping better with acupuncture and one of these various natural supplements. To learn more about the other insomnia options schedule your visit today.


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Celebrate The Small Stuff

Celebrate The Small Stuff

Law of Attraction

During my morning reading today, it hit me. I was focusing so hard on the big outcome that I was missing the small things that come into my life telling me I am on track. It occurred to me clients do the same thing! We forget to celebrate the small stuff and lose sight of the blessings [this is my word for wonderful things that happen] in our life.

A farmer related this story to me: how he would wait daily for the mail carrier to arrive hoping he would have more checks than bills coming in. He sold organics to small communities that added his goods to their local community garden for more variety or at farmers’ markets.

As a health coach, I am ecstatic to work with a local organic farmer. Our goal at the time was a more positive mindset or spiritual deepening. I am not talking about religion, that’s not part of coaching. It is about Law of Attraction.

Celebrate The Small Stuff And Big Things Happen

farmer's market

“Jim,” noticed his thoughts ran a bit negative around money, and he knew these checks would come in, but he was anxious. Fear dominated his mind.

Poor as a kid he heard his dad screaming, as he put it, about cash. This is a common thing for many people I talk to, it seems that anyone whose family lived through a recession or depression heard one or both parents upset about lack of money.

It’s hard for kids and imprints them with a sense of fear and loss around income. When they grow up, they have a weak relationship with prosperity. The law of attractions affect all areas of our life even our health. A big roadblock as mindset of lack interferes with wellness because it causes stress leading to health problems.

During our coaching session, we talked about how he might celebrate the small stuff that came into his life. Have you ever noticed when someone doesn’t agree with you he or she holds their breath? I could hear Jim do this. Not a sound on the other end for a solid 30 or so seconds. Then he blurted out, “what do you mean celebrate the small stuff”?

“What if you found a nickel on the sidewalk do you bend down and pick it up and say, thanks!” I asked. Another silence as he held his breath. Then he replied, “half the time I don’t stop.” Then he chuckled, “I get it, the small stuff.”

 Celebrate the Small Stuff In The Mailbox

celebrate the small stuffThat day he went to the mailbox, nothing but bills and no checks from his customers. As he walked back to the house flipping through the bills, he noticed a stamp not postmarked, worth 47 cents. . Grinning he chose to celebrate the small stuff even if it was only the price of the stamp that he held in his hand.

We think it’s silly to do this, but he said aloud, “Thank you.” That is what I mean by celebrate the small stuff.

A few days later his mailbox was full of checks, many more than he expected. He got three new vendors too within a few weeks. He changed how he thought choosing to celebrate the small stuff, so the door is open to receive even bigger things in our life.

Using the Law Of Attraction

Jim had always thought he would sell to a large vendor or food store. A great dream for sure but he told me later, he really never wanted that in his heart. He liked farming and working with real people. This is how the law of attraction works. We get exacting what we think about most of the time.

celebrate the small stuff

He has his products at most farmer’s markets, and in over 25 community gardens. This past year he added fresh poultry meat and eggs. Recently he started a website shipping boxes to homes throughout the state of frozen organic chicken meats.

Sometimes I get my biggest lessons from my clients. Other times it the other way around. We all need simple reminders like to celebrate the small stuff. This weekend I gave thanks for a friend who threw a great super bowl party. These simple things make us smile. Smiling is healthy. If we do it more often, we lengthen our lives. When we laugh, we add years.

Today I celebrate the small stuff along with you. The law of attraction works in everyone’s’ life including mine. I had two new coaching clients in one day! They found me through referrals. That’s so cool.

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