Things You Can Do For Bursitis Or Hip Flexor Pain

Things You Can Do For Bursitis Or Hip Flexor Pain

Recently hip pain has come up quite a bit in my practice. It’s one of the things I’ve been suffering. It seems as a fellow human, whatever ‘problem’ I have, I attract. Many practitioners have this experience.

My Hip Pain

Most health providers have the same experience. If we pay attention to our problems, we become better doctors. It’s that simple. A few things I know about discomfort is whether it’s a bursitis hip or hip flexor pain. These simple tools will alleviate 80-90% of your daily pain or range limitation.

If you suffer hip arthritis, you’ll reduce the discomfort and keep your Osteoarthritis from worsening.


3 Ways To Relieve Hip Pain


Inflammatory Foods and A Bursitis Hip

My favorite food is oatmeal. Well, that’s one of them anyway. It can cause slow digestion and fermentation in the gut. Who would think oats could be inflammatory?  If a food causes you gas, bloating and stomach problems it’s going to inflame tissues. Hip arthritis is inflammatory.

We think of the AIP diet – yuck! Right?  Instead of going anti-inflammatory try to limit these food groups to once or less daily.

Dairy, Starches, and Sugar, to name a few are foods to limit. Some people include nightshades.

hip pain
hip pain

Stretch Out Your Hip Flexor Pain

Many patients, myself included can’t sing enough phrases  for taking time daily to stretch. Not once but two or three times daily. As part of my acupuncture treatment program for hip flexor pain, I recommend a set of 10-minute stretching you can do almost anywhere.

These work for bursitis hip pain too or Osteoarthritis of the hip. Make a point to walk a mile or more daily. If you can do more exercise, including lungs and squats, go for it as they move the circulation and remodel the muscle. Our tissues remodeling creates younger, healthy muscle tone.

Acupuncture Injection Therapy

Prolotherapy or acupuncture injections are part of a great way to handle muscle or joint problems. Don’t take my word for it since millions of Americans use it every year successfully. The injections are natural substances that don’t harm like cortisone shots. Considered painless injections because they use a much smaller needle just like painless acupuncture. Talk to me about this procedure or try our premiere acupuncture treatments.

Several other things are patient-specific. We can customize your treatment plan. Cupping, for instance, helps many people. Regardless if you have bursitis hip, or hip flexor pain it can be treated successfully without drugs or surgery. Hip pain doesn’t need to slow you down.

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