Ten Ways To Stop Migraine Pain

Ten Ways To Stop Migraine Pain

Migraine pain

Migraine pain can stop you in your tracks. If you have had a headache you know how much it can drain you, steal away the moment and right out make your day suck. Having a migraine is like having twenty headaches all at once.

Migraine Pain Can Control Your Life

The pain is so intense you feel like someone is using a drill inside your head. It does not stop there for many. Your stomach feels like you have eaten bad or spoiled food.

Seeing straight is impossible. Your vision is blurred and bright halos sear into your eyes – it’s a migraine.   Acupuncture aside, which is the single most powerful natural medicine for pain management and relief there are things you can do to help alleviate or stop a migraine right at home.

10 Migraine Triggers To Avoid

Headache PainThis is our “Dirty 10” Migraine Triggers to avoid from Denver Acupuncture Health.

  1. Avoid Emotional Stress – is one of the most common migraine triggers. Using  mindfulness applications for smart phones and computers are abundant. Sit for 5 minutes, breathing or listening to soothing music, and good things happen. Experts say it can eliminate pain, reduce weight, and increase your longevity by 21%.
  2. Fatigue – Lack of sleep increases migraines by 30%.[1]
  3. Allergy problems –All types of headaches. [2]
  4. Sinusitis – Like allergies head congestion adds to the problem.
  5. Eyestrain –Ophthalmologists report Computer Vision Syndrome causes causes this in  48.83% of patients with 45.68% experiencing some form of headache.  [3]
  6. Poor Posture – 1 in 4 migraines I treat are from hunching over, sitting bent instead of straight and other position issues.
  7. TMJ – A study reported by Pubmed states that “53% of those with TMJMD-type pain had severe headache/migraines.” A Dental directory notes that few TMJ dentists consider a relationship when working with patients. This is alarming to say the least.
  8. Low Blood Sugar – Be sure to eat regularly! Migraine triggers like dieting or skipping meals start with light-headedness.
  9. Hormonal Imbalance – The American Heart Association [4] of all places, has a great article on the relationship between migraines, hormones, and stroke. In summary if you’re hormones are off and you suffer migraines this can lead to serious problems later. Hormonal migraines along with weight loss are two top client complaints.
  10. Constipation And Nutritional Deficiencies –If I combine all nine other triggers, they each have roots in poor eating habits and bowel problems. Sounds stupid, I get it. My migraines did not stop until I did – get it.

Migraine TriggersEmotional stress leads to eating on the run, overeating, or skipping meals. All of these often create unfortunate food choices. Lack of sleep leads to fatigue so does worry. I did both, do you? I did not want to face the facts that some food just does not like me and my gut did not care for those foods either!

I sit for long hours at the computer, taking breaks became essential so did sitting up and not sliding down in my chair. Remembering to eat or rather graze on healthy snacks it takes a few moments to plan in the morning; it is better than going for something like cookies, chips or other junk food. Dental work produced TMJ for me; jaw exercises along with a mouth guard worked. What was the cause of my migraines? Hormonal imbalance.

All these other problems with the exception of jaw pain can affect your hormonal levels. Hours staring at a computer that turns brain chemistry off and off at the wrong times leads to wacky estrogen and testosterone. Food, nutritional deficiencies like salt, yes salt can all stop you in your tracks with migraine pain. This is why virtual health coaching works I look at life and health as one complete you.

Migraine headaches are no laughing matter. They takeaway your life, I know as a past suffer. They are on the rise, affecting many Americans. Approximately 50% of patients at Denver Acupuncture Health seek relief. About 30% of our virtual health coaching clients report some form of head discomfort. If you suffer migraine pain, you are not alone.

Here are stats.

  • Nearly 1 in 4 U.S. households includes someone with migraine.
  • Amazingly, over 10% of the population – including children – suffers from migraine. That is more than diabetes and asthma combined!
  • About 18% of American women and 6% of men suffer from migraine.
  • Migraine is most common during the peak productive years, between the ages of 25 and 55.
  • Migraine tends to run in families. If one parent suffers from migraine, there is a 40% chance a child will suffer. If both parents suffer, the chance rises to 90%.

Virtual Health Coaching

Where To Start – Two Ways Virtual Health Coaching Can Help

Changing your diet and using the right natural supplements for you can end your pain. We can assist you with these, talk to us about our virtual health coaching.

The first step is to look at the triggers that may be part of the problem. Think of ways to reduce these and begin today. Next up we’ll talk about foods and nutritional supplements to stop or help with migraines. Spend time with a virtual coach for your migraines, and you will wonder why you waited so long!

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The large extent of research makes it impossible to cite all studies here are a few others.

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Photos are purchased – copy-written: PresenterMedia

Cancer Prevention And Diet – Mushrooms

Cancer Prevention And Diet – Mushrooms

Recently I started eating more mushrooms. I had gotten out of the habit a while back until I saw Julio an acupuncture patient, who had just gotten over cancer. Research suggests eating 10 g or about ¼ cup daily can reduce your risk of cancer by 64%. Even I have to remind myself of these facts especially when I would rather reach for a piece of the pie. I’m all for Cancer Prevention foods are you?

Cancer Prevention And Diet

mushrooms concept of Cancer Prevention

Frankly, I was surprised he had cancer in the past. Since I had known “Julio” years ago as a patient for acupuncture, I had secretly always thought he would develop diabetes based on what he ate daily. Instead his high-stress job and marriage, lots of travel with alcohol and fast food had changed his life forever. He wanted to look at food as a way to prevent the return of cancer in his life so we talked white button mushrooms.

Add Mushrooms

Adding mushrooms to your diet can help anyone reduce their risk of cancer and I believe it’s important in your diet if you can eat them.

Remember my basic principle is to crowd-out foods that aren’t healthy and add in more of the healthy ones, mushrooms even inexpensive ones is food you can add. Most Cancer Prevention foods help fight heart disease or diabetes too.


As a health coach, we are talking about life balance and food is only a fraction of the whole picture. Julio hadn’t really been open in the past life-balance health coaching but now, he was highly motivated to get back on track; at 40 yr old, he had a wake-up call from his body.

Health Coaching

I won’t share his entire story; the important take-away is age doesn’t matter. He got cancer at 37 yr old. Usually, colon cancer is seen in older people. Also most people still believe our genes play a significant role in what disease we will get if any.

It’s Not In Your Genes – Really!

That is because for decades science kept reporting that genetics determined your medical destiny. In 2003, scientists finally accomplished unlocking the genetic code. To their surprise, it only determines eye, hair color, and that sort of things. Our ‘health gene’ from our parents is more like 10% of the equation. Our health is in our hands for the most part.

Back to why mushrooms – Joel Fuhrman, MD (Super Immunity, Joel Fuhrman MD 2011) who has spent years studying our bodies’ immune system is responsible for the ANDI chart popularity. Joel and other researchers found people who eat mushrooms just don’t get cancer often. I’d say that great evidence of Cancer Prevention Properties.

You see cancer can only survive if your immunity is weak. This doesn’t mean you get colds easily, it means you’re food sources and high-stress levels out weight your high-quality micronutrient-rich foods [mushrooms for one] and relaxation time.

cancer and stress

Julio never stopped. He worked constantly and really didn’t take the time for himself. He once mentioned he thought life was supposed to be less happy, after all none of his friends was happy either.

Now that is a scary thought.

Mushrooms Are An Integral Part Of The Human Immune System

Mushrooms contain Antigen-Binding Lectins [ABL]. This substance sticks to abnormal cells in the body. It’s a bit more complicated essentially, it recognizes a molecule on the surface of cancer cells! When it attaches, it calls the body’s defenses to come and take action destroying the cancer. Kind of cool.

Mushrooms also are Angiogenesis Inhibitors – another big word. I love this word though because of what it does in the body. Angiogenesis means making new blood vessels in the fat tissue of the body. If fat can’t get blood it dies instead of grows. This is great for anyone wanting to lose body fat!

It also starves cancer cells of the blood supply. In our body blood brings the food and mushrooms inhibit new blood vessel growth so cancer cells can’t grow. It is plain and simple.

Aromatase Inhibitors is another big word that is relevant to women and cancer. Aromatase is an enzyme that causes women to make too much estrogen, especially if they have excess fat on their bodies’. Again think weight loss and cancer prevention.

cancer prevention

So Which Mushrooms Work Best To Stop Cancer?

I suggest a mix of your favorite mushrooms so you enjoy them. It always makes sense to eat what you like, but it’s also correct certain foods are addictive, period. So when talking

The best to get the highest anti-aromatase activity [most helpful], White Button, White Stuffing, Cremini, Portobello, Reishi, Maitake

Others that have a mild anti-aromatase activity include, Shiitake, Chanterelle, Baby Button.

It doesn’t take much only 10 grams of mushrooms to decrease your risk of cancer by 64%[1]. If you want to reduce your likelihood of cancer by 89% include daily green tea (Zhang M & 124:1404-1408), and green vegetables. The ANDI chart is the best way to find the most beneficial foods for health.

ANDI - NUVal chart

So what happened to Julio? Even with cancer, he was 30 pounds overweight but something has shifted in him. He explained that, in these last few months he’d realize how much he wanted to live. That this curve ball had made him come to terms with a few things regarding his relationship with his wife and mother. That if he didn’t clean up his ‘act’ he’d not see his kids grow up. He wanted to apply for my health-coaching program to lose the weight, and learn how to live a happy, healthy life.

The Wake Up Call

Cancer can be a huge wakeup call for many. Dietary changes are meaningful and effective. Today Julio is self-empowered because of the coaching program and his desire to have a better life. He has the tools and doesn’t see me since the programs are only six months long. How do mushrooms play a role, he eats them daily!

Cholesterol Drugs Linked to Muscle, Joint Problems

Cholesterol Drugs Linked to Muscle, Joint Problems

Secrets To Lower Cholesterol


I love to eat, do you? Unfortunately, many foods we eat affect our cholesterol. Many people just go with their medical recommendation to take statins and then experience muscle and joint problems. Worse yet many more note loss of memory.

One study recently published in Pubmed, Statin-Associated Memory Loss: Analysis Of 60 Case Reports And Review Of The Literature. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12885101 found that after two months, 50% of the people in the study developed memory loss. When the prescription drugs were stopped fourteen (56%) of 25 patients noted a return in memory function.

Many drugs have side-effects, this is just some found with this group of medications. Often people don’t want to take prescriptions and working with a health coach can help you enjoy foods without eating stuff you hate.

From Drugs To Natural Foods

So first if you have side-effects from the meds for high Cholesterol, talk to your doctor and let them know you’re working with a health coach.

Your physician may be able to stop your medications or decrease them. Then start discovering what foods work to help you. Also, there are many natural supplements and herbs. Finding out which ones is part of your work with your coach.

I would estimate that 50% of my clients are on statins or told they need to watch their LDL levels.

Where Food Comes In For Cholesterol Levels

We all have heard that oats, or oat bran such as fiber can help but why then doesn’t it seem to be effective? It may be the quality. A food is closer to how mother-nature made it. This is key. Eating this type of food means eating better for your health.

natural foods

There’s a myth that organic foods or natural are more expensive. Look at it this way for starters, preservatives, food dyes, and GMO’s create more health problems long term you financial pay for later.

What are some of these other foods?

Eat more healthy fats! Fish or omega -3 fatty acids are next. If you’re like me, I don’t care for fish or have allergies, using supplements. I use Flaxseed oil.

Nuts are helpful especially almonds. I have a health issue with the pasteurizing and radiation they use on almonds. If you are sensitive too, use walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, some pine nuts, or pistachio nuts.

Happy food is a must and no one has sensitively or allergies to these. They are rewarding relationships, walking or other low impact activity, and work in your life that excites you!

Things in Bottles Often Create Side-Effects

Again over-the-counter Cholesterol supplements often are not the quality needed to create change. What would I give you? I base it on your bio-individuality. One person medicine is another’s poison. Remember this is true for food too.

The unique aspect of my coaching is I am also a functional medicine practitioner so we can utilize this style of lab testing and natural yet prescriptive herbs and supplements to match your unique individuality.

So now that we’ve talked about how you can go natural in balancing your cholesterol let’s discuss why you would.

There is growing evidence that statins don’t work to lower LDL. The statistics are growing against their use still…Even with these side affects doctors are saying that the benefits that statins provide to patients outweighs the risk. What do you think?

Statins and Alzheimer’s disease. https://www.thieme-connect.com/products/ejournals/abstract/10.1055/s-2003-43058


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images courtesy of PresenterMedia and Google Labeled: for reuse.

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