Many people are no stranger to back pain. Trying to find the solution can be a full time pursuit. Acupuncture is one of the most effective ways to ensure back pain relief. If you’ve tried physical therapy, massage, even chiropractic you can still be missing an element of relief.

Maybe you golf or play sports. Acupuncture and dry needling done by licenced acupuncturists is more effective than other treatments. Don’t take my word for it. Watch this video testimonial. Chronic pain

As the warmer weather starts heating things up we all want to get outside. To do things, like golf, plant a garden, or enjoy a hike. Recently a new patient spoke out about how acupuncture relieved his pain. He gave us a FIVE STAR RATING!!!! Hear his Testimonial below captured on video just for you.

What if your back is in pain? Any normal activities may be out of the question. Natural healers have known for centuries that traditional Chinese Medicine can help with most any pain condition.

Acupuncture Testimonial Back Pain Relief

In this acupuncture testimonial you hear from a patient how quickly they felt better with our painless style of treatment. Back Pain ruining your golf game is a common issue that often times can be relieved with acupuncture. Tight muscles can stop you from enjoying your life and being social.

Acupuncture for Back Pain Relief

golf playerMake Denver acupuncture your home for pain relief and more! So if you’ve asked yourself is it possible to get Back Pain Relief with Acupuncture let this patient speak for our results!

If you suffer with back pain you can be ‘back’ to life in a short time.  Dry needling  through a FULLY licensed Acupuncturist can be part of your activity program along with Stretches to Relieve Back Pain, proper diet, and lifestyle.

We provide acupuncture in Littleton or Denver to clients. We are likely part of your health insurance benefits although we also see non-insured patients too.  As a in-network health provider with major insurance often we can accept your insurance when others can not, even other acupuncturists. Let us help you rediscover feeling better today!