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Are You Ready For A Natural Telemedicine Visit?

Telemedicine or Telehealth Visits are remote video conferences with Dr. Debra using your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Many appointments can be handled via video or by telephone, except for Acupuncture and injections. A Telehealth Visit is easy and convenient since you do not have to come into the office. For Telemedicine Visits, many health insurance companies will cover Debra’s service.

What Can We Provide Through Telemedicine?

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  • Pain Management
    • Back pain & Neck Pain
    • Migraines & Headaches
    • Joint & Muscle Pain
    • Other Pain or Injury
  • Functional MedicineOnline medicine can help you get answers to questions concept
    • Low Energy & Insomnia
    • Anxiety & Fear
    • Irritability & Moodiness
    • Weight Loss
  • Health Coaching
    • Circle of Life 12 Areas of You!
    • From Career To Relationships We Cover Fitness and Food Too!
  • Women’s Health
    • Fertility & Irregular Cycle
    • Menopause & PMS
  • Digestive Support
    • SIBO & IBS
    • Gas & Bloating or Pain
  • Anti-aging and Facial Rejuvenation
    • Acupressure Facial & Massage
    • Skin and Face home care
    • Inner Body Aging
    • Cognitive Health [Brain]

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How Does A Telehealth Visit Work?

A Telemedicine visit can involve proper diet, fitness, and exercise. These visits also provide do-at-home physical medicine. The use of herbs, supplements, and home routines. We review what you’re currently doing or not doing for your situation. From there, we create a self-care and supportive Telehealth program.

Because these programs are unique for every patient, it’s impossible to list all the excellent services we can provide you. It does often include self-acupressure and massage guidance.


Does Insurance Cover Telemedicine?

Due to COVID-19, many health insurance companies are allowing you to receive Telemedicine from qualified acupuncturists like Dr. Debra. These visits are usually paid for in full by insurance. Let us check your plan for you today!

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The length of your visit will be approximately 30-45 minutes. You’ll find it one of the best forms of health care available at any time because it’s a personal one on one consultation between you and Dr. Deb.

Telemedicine is gaining in popularity. It is here to stay due to the high communication possibilities between physician and patient.

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