Weight Loss

Combat your weight

With the abundance of weight loss supplements and information in the media, it is hard to tell what works and what doesn’t to help you lose those extra pounds. If you have been struggling to shed the weight, acupuncture may be the solution to your problem.


Acupuncture is a safe and reliable treatment option that allows our patients to take their destiny into their own hands, providing them with results they may have lost sight of in the past.


Keep it off

At Denver Acupuncture Health, we are not just concerned about you losing weight, but want to give you a solution to keep it off as well. Acupuncture makes it easier for our patients to lose the weight that is troubling them, and easier to keep it off as well. By inserting acupuncture needles into the ear and specific points on the body, we are able to release endorphins that make it easier for our patients to handle stress, frustration, and anxiety that often times triggers overeating and consuming fatty foods.


Acupuncture can also help rebalance your digestive systems triggering your metabolism to speed up and regulate your weight maintenance. It can also contribute to decreasing the hormones that contribute to weight gain in your body.


Consult with the professionals

It is important to schedule an appointment with professional at Denver Acupuncture Health before deciding what treatment options may be best for you. Denver Acupuncture Health encourages all those struggling to lose weight to call us today.

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