About Debra

Painless Acupuncture 

My first experience with acupuncture and wellness started when I was a teenageer. My studies began doing Yoga with Swami Rama. I learned Ayurvedic eating, cooking, and Ayurvedic acupuncture [painless acupuncture]. Swami Rama was a master teacher in acupuncture, yoga, and natural medicine. 

Later, I received certification in Homeopathy from Consolidated Health Institute Of Colorado in 1992 and Doctoral work through Devon School Of Homeopathy.

Practicing painless acupuncture is my passion. It is what I see being the most effective way to help others with health problems. 


Debra Novotny

Many of my studies include the use of combination remedies or natural substances. Some of these are Italian homeopathics. Prolotherapy is another passion of mine I am certified in both homeopathic injection therapy and Prolotherapy.

I  studied with Dr. Ron Rosen OMD, a leading doctor in Asian medicine in the early 1990’s and completed a degree in Chinese Medicine studies from Colorado School Of Traditional Medicine 1998.

I continue to expand my knowledge in electro-acupuncture and acupuncture injection therapy [Prolotherapy].

Acupuncture  Injections -Prolotherapy 

Prolotherapy or acupuncture injection therapy is not well known. I hope to change that fact. Imagine acupuncture that delivers natural healing substances to your joints, ligaments, bones, and muscles. That’s Prolotherapy. 

My office opened in 1990 and I also did  classical homeopathy. Over the years I’ve discovered that my passion is what is known as Orthopedic Acupuncture. 

The success of both painless acupuncture and prolotherapy to help people with pain or pain-related illness is my passion. 

Please note, My acupuncture and Prolotherapy service may be covered under your Physical Therapy benefits if you do not have acupuncture.

My  personal health journey included severe migraines, severe back and neck pain, weak immune function and digestion problems. I understand health problems getting in the way of enjoying family and life. It is my goal to help people rediscover wellness without giving up life through acupuncture and natural medicine.

Functional Medicine 

I am a graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition© or IIN™.  I have extensive continuing education in Functional Medicine and Primal or Ancestral Lifestyles with ADAPT Academy, IFM, and numerous other programs designed for the alternative health care practitioner. 

Acupuncture and Functional medicine work well together. Functional medicine is the use of specialize blood testing or other tests to determine the best nutrtional supplements for you. It also includes fitness, food, and lifestyle advice.

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