You’re not the first person to wonder does Cigna insurance pay for acupuncture? The simple answer is if you live in Littleton Colorado – yes.

The caveat is that not all acupuncturists know how to bill Cigna for acupuncture. Even when your Cigna policy doesn’t have a clear-cut acupuncture benefit you have acupuncture treatment if you live in Colorado. Let me explain further.  First, let’s talk about what acupuncture can do for you!

This is why Cigna insurance pays for acupuncture whether you have acupuncture benefits or not.

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Cigna And Acupuncture In Colorado

Health insurance particularly acupuncture falls under a parity law. I testified before the Colorado House and Senate to make the code more equal for patients’ who insurance policies were not fair.

Cigna insurance pays for acupuncture regardless of if you have acupuncture benefits because of this law.

You Decide Who Does Your Acupuncture In Littleton

Do you think it’s okay that someone with no training or fair less training than a 4-year degree in acupuncture could do dry needling on you? By the way, dry needling is the western name for acupuncture.

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Acupuncture For Pain Relief And More

Pain is no laughing matter. I hate being in pain myself and don’t like seeing others suffer. There are times that drugs and surgery aren’t the answer. Besides, before you try these western treatments, you should try safer methods don’t you think?

Acupuncture relieves pain in the back, knee, neck, shoulders, arms, and legs. Heck, I help people in my Littleton office with migraines, digestion, and autoimmune problems too. It works on muscles, joints, spine, and more.

So what if your Cigna insurance doesn’t says you have acupuncture?

Look it up. A bill [HB11-1186] was created to protect you from those practicing acupuncture with just 46 hours of training. Yep, that’s all physical therapists need to stick a 2” needle in you. In Littleton, you decide who does your acupuncture. Someone with a specialized degree or an ‘add-on’ class. It’s your choice.

Cigna Insurance Pay For Acupuncture?

Yes, Cigna insurance pays for acupuncture because they got this one right. If your policy doesn’t have acupuncture as a benefit, you still can use Cigna in-network! That’s because I’m a preferred, in-network provider. Call for more details.

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