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Fix Knee Joint Pain With Acupuncture Today!

The problem with the human body is it wears out over time. One of the most common complaints is knee joint pain. Think how much you’ve used your knees to bend, kick, run, and do almost everything.

If you’re someone who enjoys athletics, running, skiing even walking over time our knee joint suffers degeneration.

Knee Joint Pain Causes

Degeneration is what creates knee joint pain. It can happen at any age. High-school and college injuries can move the arthritic pain time-clock up quickly. Take my son, who played soccer, and now not yet 30 has daily knee joint pain.

Myself, I run. I run slow and stretch before and after. Taking care of my body has prevented joint pain for me.

Fixing Knee Joint Pain

Of course, acupuncture is one of the best methods for fixing knee joint pain. I’m not saying get treatment, and you’re good as new! Any type of pain be it joint, muscle or other connective tissue takes time to heal.

My favorite method though is Acupuncture Injection Therapy or Prolotherapy. If you’ve been around my blog for long, you know that this treatment uses safe, sterile, and natural solutions. The solution acts as stimulation of the area.

At times this means your stiffer for a few hours.  The stiffness and mild soreness is your body’s response to healing. Natural medicine works differently than western drugs. It stimulates the body to respond by increasing certain natural healing cells to a specific part of the body.

The result, knee joint pain improves.

Acupuncture Or Acupuncture Injection Therapy?

Honestly, with most patients, we use both in the case of chronic knee joint pain. Acupuncture can reduce inflammation, improve circulation and over time help you rebuild cartilage. Yes, you read correctly.

Acupuncture regularly can stimulate your body, especially knee and hip joints to regenerate cartilage suggests some studies.

Using Prolotherapy Speeds Things Up

Some patients and doctors feel that using acupuncture injections or Prolotherapy speeds up cartilage repair. Osteoarthritis or joint degeneration is what is causing your knee joint pain. There are a few options for correcting this problem in western medicine.

Their answer is surgery or drugs. More medical doc’s are saying no to both and recommending you, and everyone else tries acupuncture and acupuncture injections because they’re safe and they work.

It’s your knees and your body. You get to choose, but I encourage you to contact us. Many insurances cover acupuncture and prolotherapy even when you don’t have the acupuncture benefit in many cases. Isn’t it time to rid yourself of knee joint pain?

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