What Red Light Therapy Treats

Is Red Light Therapy Right For You?

Red light therapy is part of my personal care and I wanted to bring it to my patients as well. Everyone responds differently, but my personal testimonial is that my hip and back pain don’t really bother me any longer. Another important fact is this light is FDA class II approved. 

I’m able to run, workout, dance, and play golf!

Other benefits are my sleep is better, hair growth with thicker and longer hair. My face looks many years younger! How does LED light or LLLT work? This article is from the makers of the system we use here in our office. Please explore their website. Red Light Therapy.


Red and near-infrared light can prevent cell damage caused by nitric oxide, which stops ATP production when you’re stressed or sick. Cells can use oxygen more efficiently when exposed to red light as it minimizes nitric oxide absorption. Red-light therapy can heal and regenerate cells to improve your appearance, performance, and well-being..



PlatinumLED patent-pending R+|NIR+ spectrum, exclusive to all PlatinumLED BIOMAX lights, achieves a perfected blend of 5 different wavelengths of light that offers therapeutic benefits for a wide array of applications and deeper penetration for maximum results. The most powerful LED therapy light ever made is backed by extensive scientific studies.

What Are the Wavelengths?

I’m only going to share the information about two of the five wavelengths that our red-light therapy table provides for our patients.


Penetrating just a little deeper than the 630nm wavelength, the 660nm reaches into the entire range of the skin tissue to promote healing and regeneration.

 Reduced training fatigue:

The 660nm wavelength teamed with the 830nm near-infrared wavelength has been proven to delay the development of fatigue in the muscles and enhance skeletal muscle performance. (Athletes, take note.)

 Reduced inflammation:

In a study investigating the effects of red light therapy on pleurisy, the 660nm wavelength was found to induce an anti-inflammatory effect.

 Improved bone healing:

The 660nm wavelength encourages resorption and formation in the bone cells around the location where repair is needed, without causing any change to the bone structure.

 Reduced swelling following injury:

In one study, the 660 nm wavelength was found to reduce both inflammation and swelling by reducing the number of inflammatory cells which lead to the formation of swelling.

 Reduced neuropathic pain:

A study investigating sciatic nerve pain in rats found that the 660 nm wavelength significantly helped to reduce pain.

 Accelerated wound healing:

The 660 nm wavelength has been proven to increase the formation of new blood vessels and enhance collagen deposition to help in the healing of wounds.



The 830nm wavelength is not as readily absorbed by the body, therefore, it can penetrate deeper through skin and tissue and into the bone. A greater quantity of photons are delivered into the tissue with the 830nm wavelength. Incorporating the 830nm wavelength into the BIOMAX delivers the following advantages:

 Accelerated healing and reduced infection:

The 810nm wavelength, 830nm accelerates healing in wounds of different severity and helps to ward off infection.

 Improved aesthetic outcomes following plastic surgery:

Swift exposure to 830nm wavelengths after aesthetic surgery hastens recovery, reduces downtime and enhances the results of surgery by reducing swelling, infection, bruising and pain, therefore leading to greater patient satisfaction.

 Increased “feel-good” endorphins:

830nm wavelengths increase the release of endorphins. Endorphins are peptides that promote feelings of wellness.

 Improved bone repair and growth:

An animal study demonstrated that 830nm light therapy improved bone repair by stimulating new bone growth.

 Faster return-to-play after injury:

The ability to return to play as swiftly as possible after injury or trauma is a key concern for any amateur or professional athlete. It has proven 830nm LED light therapy to significantly and safely reduce the wait time before injured athletes can return to play.


I hope you decide to visit LEDPlatinum and find out more about red light therapy and how it can help you. Try red light therapy, EAM acupuncture, and peri-neuro injections for pain relief and overall wellness. 


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