Weight Loss: 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make With Food And Exercise

Weight Loss: 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make With Food And Exercise

Have you come to a crossroads in your diet or exercise routine? Possibly the weight just isn’t coming off as you want it to? The 5 biggest mistakes people make with food and exercise are common ones that we see daily in our acupuncture office here in Denver.weight loss

There is a lot of information online about what works when it comes to food and exercise. Each person’s body is different. There are no set rules for your body type though these mistakes affect all equally.

They stop you from reaching the goals that you’ve set for yourself. Energy drinks recently have been found not to be as helpful as once thought for losing weight. If you’re using them, it might be time to stop.

Weight Loss Eating Too Little Fat

When it comes to eating fat, I recommend to my acupuncture patients enjoy healthy fats. These come from foods like avocado, nuts, seeds and coconut oil. For decades we’re told that fat was bad creating a lot of fear and opening a market for packaged foods over fresh food.

If you add in just a little of the healthier fat foods to each meal, you actually turn on your metabolism because the brain needs it to thrive. It helps your athletic performance too because fat slows stomach emptying, so you feel fuller longer. This increases satiety, to shut off hunger hormones. Fat boosts antioxidant absorption. Promising research suggests antioxidants help you with leanness and ups metabolic rate to help you burn more calories. 5 biggest mistakes people make with food and exercise

Did you know that fat is one of the most vital nutrients in a healthy diet? It is a structural part of your cells. When you have damage to your skin, for instance, those cells heal quicker if you eat enough of the right types of fats.

Many patients share they cut back on fat to lose weight. This can lead to fatigue, chronic hunger, or a feeling of being hungry, irritable or depressed. It weakens the immune system and increases injury risk.

I recommend that you try to eat more of these healthy options. It’s okay to add almond butter to a protein drink, top your salad or morning eggs with avocado Sauté your veggies in extra virgin olive or coconut oil.

Using A Sports Drinks For Weight Loss

A newer patient mentioned she is using a sports drink in the morning to skip a meal. Her trainer recommended it. The problem is unless you’re working out for more that 90 minutes in a hot, humid gym you may be taking in calories you don’t need. Eat breakfast and skip the sports shake.

Water is the best hydration. Most people don’t spend enough time working out to need a smoothie or sports drink. They just add calories. If you spend 30 minutes of your 90-minute workout waiting for a machine or talking this means you have a 60 minutes workout. Be honest with yourself about how much time you spend exercising. I know a man at my gym who is there for about 4 hours daily.weight loss

He stands around a lot, talks to everyone and only spends about 60 minutes doing any fitness for his body. He carries around a sports drink telling everyone they should try his product. They just need water.

Leave the protein shakes to body builders and heavy lifters who are there for longer times working hard. Eat a light, healthy snack if you haven’t eaten in the last 1.5 hours; an apple or banana can work.

Then make an excellent salad and protein after for a meal.

Eat After You Exercise And Do Acupuncture!

Eating after you run, or go to the gym is great! If you’ve heard that you’ll add back on what you just burned this is not true. Right now is the best time to eat right. Your metabolism is high and if you eat a vegetable, not starches, you’ll feel full quickly. These foods along with some good sources of protein and fat will help you build muscle and repair tissues including ligaments.

Don’t overeat, though. You’ll feel hungry so drink an extra glass of water before you begin eating to help you eat only the amount you actually need to re-energize yourself. By the way, use acupuncture to boost your fat burning.acupuncture

Only Eating Protein Post Workout

After you workout, your body goes into recovery mode. The essential nutrient is a protein that your body needs if you want to lose weight. The right size is about that of your palm. My favorite is chicken salad. I don’t use much mayo just protein, celery, onions, spices, and some lemon juice over lettuce. Fish or lentils supply other forms of protein. Protein replenishes nutrients and supply antioxidants. A healthy fat source which helps muscles heal and optimizes circulation is whole grains like wild rice or quinoa. It is also full of glycogen the type of carbohydrate that our muscles use during exercise for fuel during a workout.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated with plenty of water. One of the main things I see in my acupuncture practice are people who need to drink more water. Denver is a dry climate and if you live here, you need more than places close to large bodies’ of water like an ocean.

Many patients workout in the evening and eat dinner after. Try stir-fry made with chicken, shrimp, or organic tofu. Toss in your favorite vegetables. If you desire, more add a tiny amount of rice, and nuts or seeds.

Squeeze fresh citrus juice on the stir-fry and season with grated ginger, minced garlic, and other spices you enjoy.

Doubling Up On Recovery Meals

health coach
Some acupuncture and health coaching clients are professional athletes running marathons, entering 100-mile cycling competitions, and doing ultra races.

Sound like you then try adding a quick snack within 30 minutes of exercising. My choice is fresh fruit and vegetables blended into a shake. Most protein powders contain a lot of things you don’t need like sugar, and supplements that are commonly made from GMO toxic foods. This is after your workout. It’s overkill to eat a protein bar or shake before exercising.

Most people aren’t pro athletes. Eating “snacks” just an hour  before dinner, can mean giving your body far more than it needs for recovery. This results in feeding your fat cells, rather than shrinking them. If you’re going to be eating a meal within an hour of leaving the gym, skip the bar and shake. And if it’s going to be a little longer, munch on something like almonds, which supply some protein, healthy fat, and nutrients, to tie you over.

I am not a fan of protein shakes or powders, if you want to use them talk with us about safe non-GMO professional quality options. The 5 biggest mistakes people make with food and exercise are commonly taught by trainers or found in articles. Don’t let these things stop you from your weight loss goal.

Wondering how acupuncture can help you lose your weight contact our office. It boosts your metabolism, improves your immune system, and gives you more energy for starters!

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