What To Take When You Get Sick

What To Take When You Get Sick

Whether You’re At Home Or Traveling

I hate getting sick. However, when I start to feel a little off – you know a scratchy throat or slight fever I begin this routine. This is what to take when you get sick too.what to take when you get sick

My Home Natural Medicine Cabinet Recommendations

  1. Yin Qiao With Echinacea. This superior formula is excellent to start the minute you feel like something isn’t right. A mild sore throat or tingle, for instance. A slight fever or ache that isn’t your normal you. We’ll give you instructions on how to take this to help you bypass these problems or lessen the severity when you give us a call. Learning what to take when you get sick is possible and we’re happy to help.
  2. Chuan Xin Lian is a natural antiviral, antibacterial, and natural antibiotic without the side-effects. We’ll be happy to help you with the best dosing for you as our client or patient.
  3. Viracid is a delightful blend of western and eastern herbs that you should begin the minute you start to notice any symptoms. These indications include digestive problems. I take this with me when I travel to certain countries and take it daily as a preventive for stomach issues. It is excellent for any viral problem.

    runny nose concept with cold

  4. Bi Yan Pian is my go-to for sinus infections or congestion. Now you have to know which type of sinus problem you’re having because it works on those that Pe Min Kan Wan does not. Working with a professional either in person or by phone can help you know what to take when you get sick.
  5. Pe min Kan Wan is best for a clear runny discharge of the nose. Super for allergies or runny nose colds. It will dry up, so let’s talk.

What To Take When You Get Sick

All five of these formulas are part of a well-stocked cold and flu home cabinet. What to take when you get sick can be confusing if you’re not a natural health provider. Let us guide you to better health naturally.  They are available through our office. To order simply give us a call.

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