The 3 Options For Knee Joint Pain

The 3 Options For Knee Joint Pain

There are only three options when it comes to knee joint pain.

Take drugs to dull the pain. Treat it naturally or do surgery. I’m surprised at how many people jump to surgery without looking at the natural option!Showing Surgery Scene

Surgery Is Forever

I like to say surgery is forever if you don’t like the outcome – ‘Oh well! You’re stuck with it for life.’

The sharp pain and inability to do simple things like walking can make us desperate for relief. Maybe the medical doctor told you that you have bone-on-bone leaving you to believe you have no other options.

There’s still plenty of natural ways to treat knee joint pain or arthritis.

Pain Killer Addictions

concept of taking Opioids For many, the problems with drugs fill the news. People are getting hooked on Opioids. It is a long slow death for many. Where they lose family, their homes, their self-confidence, it’s not worth it to even try them for a short time.

Why take the chance of getting hooked? Think about how hard it is to avoid eating sugar. That’s how hard it is to get off addictive drugs like NSAIDs and Opioids.

Some drugs like Statins increase joint pain.

Knee Pain & Electro-Acupuncture Medicine

Acupuncture is noted as a successful alternative. Electro-Acupuncture Medicine [EAM] is even better. I keep letting everyone know it’s not the same as ‘regular’ estim-acupuncture – not at all.

Acupuncture - Knee With 2 NeedlesIt’s about helping the body release natural endorphins and other chemicals that block pain naturally. EAM also stimulates the brain to tell the body to repair itself.

Why would you not try this before surgery?  Why would you or anyone not use Electro-Acupuncture Medicine for knee joint pain instead of addictive drugs?

It’s Rarely About Money

Health insurance for patients in or near Littleton Colorado can get acupuncture under their coverage – even when it’s not specifically in their policy in most cases. It’s the law!

These aren’t all the natural options that I know work well. Look into PRP, Stem Cell, and I also do Acupuncture Injection [Prolotherapy] Therapy. This form of acupuncture has excellent results, too, for many.

How can I or others get the word out to people that knee joint pain can be relieved naturally? Maybe we can share this.


What Are The Foundations Of Functional Medicine Again?

What Are The Foundations Of Functional Medicine Again?

As we start this series on Functional Medicine [FM], I want to talk a little bit about what it is and isn’t.

The typical comment I get when people call to make an appointment is, “I don’t want to take drugs, so I heard FM can help my numb feet that I have from my diabetes”. Or they’ll inquire, “I hear it can help with pain, and I have arthritis”.Concepts of Functional Medicine Supplements

Functional Medicine Is A Natural Way To Health

Of course, we all suffer anxiety; it’s part of our normal flight or fright response to changes or challenges in our lives. It’s when it causes us to change our behavior that anxiety becomes something we want to use acupuncture and functional medicine.

What is Functional Medicine ? In a nutshell, it is making changes in your life for sure. But the first step is looking at the whole you with me. Are you tired because you’re not getting enough sleep due to working two jobs, or is it because you aren’t absorbing the nutrition from the food you eat?

One of the biggest changes is weight loss.

Do I Need Lab Work?

The first step is to discover if you lack the right balance of micro-nutrients inside the cells of your body.

Sometimes we test. Other times the symptoms paint a clear picture for me to help you start feeling better right away.

What Does Functional Medicine Treat Again?

Concepts of Functional Medicine weight lossFunctional Medicine treats everything though I specialize is certain problems in my practice. Do you wake every night at 1 am and can’t get back to sleep? Is your hair thinning? Do you feel fatigued by lunchtime, yet your thyroid appears normal. Is it near impossible to lose weight even though you don’t eat much.

Maybe the doctor says your pain is arthritis, but you’re only 45. Yes, that’s young, but I seen that diagnosis from an MD. Guess what it was, the Gall-bladder! So you never know what your body is trying to tell you until you investigate.

Acupuncture and Functional Medicine Rocks Arthritis

I have a patient who does have arthritis—that constant dull ache in their hip joints. And then you stiffen up just sitting for a time. I hear you! It’s worse at night or when you first get up, right? That patient is doing 80% better with functional medicine.

It’s a natural way for sure. That means you have to be committed to change. It means you’ll be in control of your body again. You’ll feel and act younger because you will be more in balance.

Call me if you’re interested in learning more or book an appointment now!

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How Using Pain Patches & Creams Can Help

How Using Pain Patches & Creams Can Help

Are you looking for a pain terminator?

Tools to Enhance Your Acupuncture Treatment

pain terminator patches and creamsYesterday I ‘rocked’ it with getting paperwork done. Today though, I am stiff and tight in my mid-back. So much for small successes.

Have you been there?  Maybe you didn’t sit most of the day but feel sore in your hips?

Okay, you’re a fitness warrior since you’ve had more time and less commuting. It’s strained a muscle or twisted an ankle sending your brain blaring pain broadcast signals.

Let’s Turn Down the Pain Volume.

My go-twos are simple.

  1. Get acupuncture—especially Electro-Acupuncture Medicine or EAM. I do think. If you can’t come in, then there’s dynamic acupressure you can learn through Telemedicine with me too.Putting this cream on following acupuncture helps to treat the upper layers of the muscle bringing about further healing. Plus, it feels great.Do you know how many patients think the essential oils or creams I place on them at the end effective in helping them feel better? 98% tell me it is.

Electro-acupuncture medicine

  1. Next, for at-home, let’s talk about Pain Terminator patches and cream. It’s a cool heat that penetrates deep into joints and muscles for quick relief. Using the patches and cream at home can lengthen the relief time from your EAM or Electro-acupuncture medicine treatment.

Electro-Acupuncture Medicine More Than A Little Boost

Because Dr. Deb’s Orthopedic Acupuncture treatments are EAM based, these therapies are scientifically researched. The basic electric acupuncture taught is schools only add a little extra punch to treatment. EAM is part of extensive research both in Western and Eastern Medicine around how Electro frequency can health the body.

The Pain Terminator and EAM For Better Healing

When you’re in the office, ask Dr. Deb [that’s me] to apply The Pain Terminator at the end of your treatment. Or if you’re doing a telemedicine visit for pain relief, ask if The Pain Terminator cream or patch is best for you.

electro-acupuncture medicine, EAM for painAre there other patches and creams out there? You bet, and online stores [even the big name one] has plenty. Remember, they may add drugs that aren’t listed. They may have filters or preservatives added that aren’t on the label.

I like and use just a few patches and creams in my practice because they’re the cleanest and natural.

Chemicals can and will worsen your pain over time, even if they provide immediate temporary relief, so be careful with using Dr. Google for your medical advice or what to use.

So, let’s end with a question. Are you in pain and want to try my solutions? Click the link in my bio and either call me or make an appointment.


Morning Moisturizer: Phyto Active Face Cream

Morning Moisturizer: Phyto Active Face Cream

The New Normal Series

Skin Care Routine- Phyto Active Face Cream By Glo Skin Beauty

Yes, my work mostly concentrates on pain management or other health issues. But I’ve noticed that how we feel about appearance does indeed matter.

Many clients also care about their skin. I do too!

My favorite morning moisturizer is Phyto Active Face Cream from Glo Skin Beauty. I’ve tried others, but they have a clean product that works on my dry skin.

Let me clarify.

I lack moisture in my skin, and that’s a big deal if you’re working to slow the effects of aging and pollution. In building a skincare routine, moisturizing is step three after cleansing and toning.

Let’s face it. When our face feels clean and soft, we feel better in general. It’s not much different from when knee pain or back pain lessens.

Humans seek pleasure, not pain, or so says psychology.The New Normal - Phyto Active Face Cream By Glo Skin Beauty

So let’s talk, “Glo.”

What I like is how this ultra-rich moisturizer provides more than hydration. While I’m no spire- chicken [as mom would have said at my age], this product works on older skin and for women in their 30’s.  Phyto-Active Face Cream targets my aging concerns with plant stem cell technology and the ultimate combination of anti-aging ingredients for smoother-looking, refreshed skin, and enhanced radiance.

Okay, here’s what is in Phyto Active Face Cream by Glo Skin Beauty.

Buddleja Davidii (Plant Stem Cell), Kombuchka, Derm SRC want to know more about these natural ingredients let’s talk!

It’s our time to go deeper than the outer world of busy and possessions around us. Take the time to allow ourselves to take care of us. It’s deeper than a skincare routine. While using Glo Skin Beauty products is my outer self-care, it’s not all I do for me.

Recently the world was invited to a meditation retreat due to COVID-19. This is a call to go inside yourself and become stronger. Telemedicine and health coaching work on your Inner Light and your Glo.

Contact my office to learn more. You’re invited to call, messenger, or setup your first online visit with Dr. Deb.

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