Intermittent Fasting A Lifestyle Not Diet

Intermittent Fasting A Lifestyle Not Diet

In this article were going to be talking about intermittent fasting. A family member questioned if I was on a diet and I replied no intermittent fasting for me is a lifestyle.Intermittent Fasting

This type of lifestyle has been around for decades in fact, if we examine our ancestors they followed this concept, even if we do not realize it. Before electricity, people would only eat during the daylight hours. This means in winter most cultures went to bed early, not eating in the evening, got up with the sun, began eating, working, and toiling in their lives until it was dark.

Weight Loss and Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has benefits for your health because when we don’t eat constantly, our bodies can be healthier. The idea that intermittent fasting is a weight-loss diet became popularized in 2012 when a broadcast journalist did a TV documentary on it. Subsequently, several books came out written about losing weight, one of them the Obesity Code, goes into much of the idea of intermittent fasting being a way to lose weight.

A Lifestyle Not A Diet

Healthy Senior EatingI prefer to think of it as a lifestyle. With IF or intermittent fasting, it’s clarified that you still need to eat a nutritious diet. What I mean is that you should eat more fruits, vegetables, fiber, and healthy protein. Along with fats and avoid sugar, refined grains, processed foods, and of course stop snacking.

New research has suggested that not all Intermittent Fasting approaches are the same. We as human beings have become in sync with the day/night cycle, otherwise known as a circadian rhythm. Our bodies, our metabolism are used to daytime food, and nighttime sleep. Nighttime eating increases your risk of obesity and diabetes.

Time Window Of Eating

The second key to successful intermittent fasting is the time in which you eat. The ideal time frame is between 7 AM and 3 PM. Another popular time frame, the one I use, is from 10 AM to 6 PM. This one works best with my acupuncture practice.

What kind of health factors come into play?

Studies show that eating in these eight-hour windows is good for blood pressure, your heart, your digestion, and yes your weight. People who are close or at their ideal healthy weight live longer, experience less joint pain, sleep better, and are happier. Did I forget to mention you’ll have more energy as you age?

More Energy With Intermittent FastingWhy are they happier?

Could it be that intermittent fasting helps you keep your hormones in balance? There is research being done as I write this article suggesting that very thing. We know foods affect all of our hormones, not just the ones we know are important to our sexual drive but those that keep us alert and filled with energy.

So where to start?

First, start with limiting your sugars and carbohydrates. Take everything that falls into this category out of your life for 30 days. It will be hard and you’re likely addicted to sugars like many. One of the best ways is to read labels and find hidden grains or sugars.

Next stop snacking. If you need a snack, make it a piece of fruit. My go to is a banana which is high in sugar but it’s a healthy sugar. Another great one is apples.

In about seven days, lessen the time frame you eat to a smaller time. Instead of eating from the moment you wake to the moment you go to bed, set a goal of not eating after 6 PM. Do this for another week or two.

Happy smiling friends enjoying lunch together at home. Mature muThen change the time you begin to eat in the morning to later in the day. Now this is if your goal is the 10 AM to 6 PM window. It would be the same if your goal is to eat only during the 7 AM to 3 PM window. I recommend the earlier times if you’re retired.

With intermittent fasting, you will enjoy more energy and sleep better at the very least. Your digestion may be happier and you find that you’re not as hungry. Is this easy?

More Energy and Less Pain

It takes time about 30 days to feel you have made this a lifestyle. Within about 14 days, your energy increases, perhaps even joint pain will decrease, and you will sleep better. I hope intermittent fasting as a lifestyle keeps you young and healthy no matter what age you are right.

Conquering Low Back Pain With Acupuncture

Conquering Low Back Pain With Acupuncture

Most people have enough to worry about right now with COVID-19 and wearing masks, but it can increase your unhappiness if you have pain. Conquering low back pain with acupuncture is much safer and healthier than surgery, and as I always say, try everything before you go under the knife.

It’s Not All In Your BackConquering low back pain with acupuncture concept

Orthopedic acupuncture, notably the best form for conquering low back pain, involves first relaxing the lower back muscles and the hamstrings and mid-back. Think of it as a tug-of-war game between your muscles as they get tighter and pull. Tightness in other places can lead to sciatica, hip pain, and piriformis pain.

Conquering Low Back Pain With Acupuncture

Have you ever felt like arching your back or bendinElectro-acupuncture for Low Back Paing over to get a good stretch? That’s a signal that your muscles are screaming, “I’m stiff!” This can be the beginning of things like a bulging disc or a ruptured disc.

Remember, as a kid, you bent down more, ran more, and did many fun things more than we do as adults. All these activities helped you to stretch. We called it playing.

Lifestyle Changes

Now, we sit at desks, work from home, and watch more HBOMAX than we did before COVID-19. Even during these times, you can add orthopedic acupuncture to help with conquering your low back pain. It is a safer bet than a doctor’s office visit.  At your acupuncture visit, we stretch and relax the stiff muscles before doing painless acupuncture.

Many times, low back pain, especially sciatica, has radiating pain or numbness. This can feel like pins and needles in your leg, even a dull ache. It’s also important to treat this area with neurological acupuncture.

Sciatica And Disc Problems

Once your acupuncture treatment is complete, we use either cupping or hot stones to provide manual traction or fascia release. Both are excellent finishing touches for conquering low back pain.Orthopedic Acupuncture concept

Orthopedic acupuncture utilizes locations near the spine for back problems. In this way, we’re treating the dermatome getting the neurological treatment too. With a bulging disc or ruptured disc, this treatment relieves the muscles’ pressure on the nerves allowing the muscle to relax and the disc not to press on the nerves.

When the disc is ruptured, there’s still fluid inside it that can act as a cushion in many cases. The fluid also will close the rupture with time and rejuvenate itself. In this case, acupuncture is your rescuer because it relaxes the muscles and takes the pressure off the nerves at the same time.

Faster Healing And Reduced Pain

Using bracketing style acupuncture, a type of Orthopedic acupuncture can restore disc and low back problems including sciatica. Adding Prolotherapy can speed your healing and reduce your pain. Acupuncture injections also known as Prolotherapy are natural substances not western steroids. Sciatica or low back acupuncture injection therapy

Conquering low back pain with acupuncture can happen quickly or take time, depending on your problem. Health insurance covers it at our office either under ‘acupuncture benefits’ or “physical therapy – dry needling [acupuncture].  Also, the Veteran administration is happy to refer you to us too.

Acupuncture For Knee Pain A Healthy Journey

Acupuncture For Knee Pain A Healthy Journey

It’s such an up & down journey having knee pain. Maybe it comes and goes or remains a constant reminder that we’re human. We will inevitably learn some life lessons through our discomfort. Acupuncture for knee pain can help us understand ourselves better.

Doing acupuncture can decrease or eliminate our discomfort.acupuncture for knee pain

Acupuncture For Knee Pain

Dealing with pain grows us. We learn what matters most to us as we find it hard to run, walk, or move around when our body isn’t working. Things we took for granted now have value.

Sometimes the people around us that we’ve have known us a long time may sense a change. Their love and support are important though they may not realize our issue and the new limits in our life.

When you begin acupuncture treatment, you connect to your body, mind, and emotional self that I refer to as our Spiritual self.

Support Through Family – Friends & Othersknee pain and acupuncture

We also can connect with like-minded souls all over the world who have similar problems because acupuncture for knee pain is universal.

Many people try and love acupuncture for pain.

Knee pain can be complicated. It’s also scary.  Acupuncture is essential to keep you moving and out of pain.

Pain Is Not Inherited

Age is not always a factor in pain. Activity or lack of it is what usually created knee pain. It’s not hereditary. Just because your dad or mom Body - Mind Medicine had it doesn’t mean you will. We determine our lives through what we eat, how we care for our bodies, and what we think.

Knee pain is treatable with acupuncture and should be a choice you make before surgery or medications. It can help you connect with your body more. Eliminating pain and giving you a sense of when something isn’t working for you is part of what alternative medicine does.

Simply put acupuncture for knee pain at the top of your wellness problem; if you have knee problems – you’ll be happy you did.

Weight Loss – When You Work From Home

Weight Loss – When You Work From Home

There’s no question more people work from home these days. It also means more home-cooked meals and baking in my house! I’m finding it harder deal with weight loss – when you work from home. weight loss when you work from home

Why Losing Weight Is Difficult For Me

Self-control in the kitchen is harder. Getting outside even in this beautiful weather is often put off. Sitting more and not creating a routine that serves us a healthy body, and keeps us from gaining weight is common. My office is attached to my home. For years, I’ve separated office from home. Then my husband started working from home. Now on breaks I ‘stop by’ to see him. 

Weight Loss When You Work From Home

There are things you can do that will help you lose weight, feel better, and have more energy.  One thing I’m doing is going back to my routine. No more ‘visits’ to the house. Back to bringing my lunch to the office or like in the past having my food prepared so I can simply go get it from the kitchen. No daytime baking or impulse snacks because others are eating. I have a plan and I want to offer a few ideas to stimulate you to create a routine that aids you in weight loss when you work from home too.

Acupuncture Weight Loss Injections Boost Metabolism

weight loss routineAcupuncture injections for weight loss speed up your metabolism. They’re natural vitamins that help you burn calories, and have energy from the fuel you eat.

There is much more though you can do at home. Keeping pounds off happens long-term when you empower yourself by creating a plan or having a routine. My hope is that you’ll take these 9 ideas to heart and create a plan or routine that supports your weight and health goals.

Ideas To Help You Build A Healthy Routine

  1. Make a meal plan and stick to it. Don’t wander into the kitchen unless it’s mealtime eat perishable first.
  2. Have an eating schedule – don’t get caught up working and forget to eat or graze all day at your desk.
  3. Keep your meals filled with foods that will keep you full. Protein, fiber, vegetables, and healthy fats
  4. Smart Snacking – try fruits, seeds placing these in a bowl, not from the container or bag. Remember, nuts are edible too though they contain a lot of fat.
  5. lose weight ideasKeep track of what you eat by knowing what you plan to eat that day. Then adjust it throughout the day. A simple journal entry is all you need.
  6. Stay active! Set timers to get out of your chair at your home office. Take walks, stretch, even bike, run, or lift weights.
  7. Channel your stress. Emotional eating is more comfortable when we work from home. Make it a practice to meditate for 5-15 minutes daily. You can break it up or all at once. Do mindfulness minutes with deep breathing if you can’t break away during the work hours to meditate.
    Ask yourself, is this a problem that I must address now, or can I table it until later?
  8. Take up a hobby for when a craving hits. – play sudoku, or mahjong, read a chapter in a book. Play with the dog- my favorite
  9. Make sure you’re sleeping. This helps control hunger hormones. It helps you resist junk food because you have rested well.

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acupuncture for weight lossDo Acupuncture and also try the Vitamin injections that promote increased metabolism, better absorption of nutrition – giving you more energy, and helps you stop sugar and carb cravings. Both help you with weight loss when you work from home or not. Creating a home plan or routine along with other support to help you is something successful people do.

You are what you eat and think, so put healthy foods and thoughts into yourself. Doing this will help you improve your life in many ways. I believe in you and know you are worthy of health.


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