Morning Moisturizer: Phyto Active Face Cream

Morning Moisturizer: Phyto Active Face Cream

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Skin Care Routine- Phyto Active Face Cream By Glo Skin Beauty

Yes, my work mostly concentrates on pain management or other health issues. But I’ve noticed that how we feel about appearance does indeed matter.

Many clients also care about their skin. I do too!

My favorite morning moisturizer is Phyto Active Face Cream from Glo Skin Beauty. I’ve tried others, but they have a clean product that works on my dry skin.

Let me clarify.

I lack moisture in my skin, and that’s a big deal if you’re working to slow the effects of aging and pollution. In building a skincare routine, moisturizing is step three after cleansing and toning.

Let’s face it. When our face feels clean and soft, we feel better in general. It’s not much different from when knee pain or back pain lessens.

Humans seek pleasure, not pain, or so says psychology.The New Normal - Phyto Active Face Cream By Glo Skin Beauty

So let’s talk, “Glo.”

What I like is how this ultra-rich moisturizer provides more than hydration. While I’m no spire- chicken [as mom would have said at my age], this product works on older skin and for women in their 30’s.  Phyto-Active Face Cream targets my aging concerns with plant stem cell technology and the ultimate combination of anti-aging ingredients for smoother-looking, refreshed skin, and enhanced radiance.

Okay, here’s what is in Phyto Active Face Cream by Glo Skin Beauty.

Buddleja Davidii (Plant Stem Cell), Kombuchka, Derm SRC want to know more about these natural ingredients let’s talk!

It’s our time to go deeper than the outer world of busy and possessions around us. Take the time to allow ourselves to take care of us. It’s deeper than a skincare routine. While using Glo Skin Beauty products is my outer self-care, it’s not all I do for me.

Recently the world was invited to a meditation retreat due to COVID-19. This is a call to go inside yourself and become stronger. Telemedicine and health coaching work on your Inner Light and your Glo.

Contact my office to learn more. You’re invited to call, messenger, or setup your first online visit with Dr. Deb.

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