Painless Acupuncture

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Accent On Health Wellness Center and myself hope you decide to try painless acupuncture.  I specialize in Orthopedic acupuncture. This means I help patients with pain problems.

Littleton Orthopedic Acupuncture

Your discomfort may back pain, shoulder pain, even knee pain. Painless acupuncture works with the body, not against it. It nourishes and relaxes muscles, helps heal tendons, and ligaments.

A Better Acupuncture Treatment

This method is superior at repairing muscles, sprains, and strains. Many patients I see suffer migraines or other types of pain issues.

man having acupuncture done
woman having acupuncture done

What Does Painless Acupuncture Treat?

As our population ages, I help more people with arthritis, injury, and workman’s compensation injuries. My millennial clients also have these problems because here in Littleton Colorado we are very sports minded. Painless Acupuncture supports recovery, prevention, and rehabilitation of everything related to pain especially muscle and joint.

Does Acupuncture Help You Heal Too?

 I can help you pre and post-surgery to heal quicker and with less pain. Many clients want to recover quickly and get back to work and enjoying life. Painless acupuncture can shave days or weeks off your healing time.

What Else Do You Do With Acupuncture? 

Acupuncture and my practice are not limited to Orthopedic care. “I have a long and successful history treating insomnia, migraines, weight loss, digestion problems, women’s issues, even anti-aging.”

Why Go With Littleton Painless Acupuncture

Because I’m also trained in Functional Medicine my expertise in the field of natural medicine enhances my understanding of how to help you get healthy and stay healthy. I’ve provided painless acupuncture in my Littleton Colorado Office for 28 years.

Something To Note

Since Covid, a good deal of insurance companies have stopped paying for acupuncture and functional medicine – even if you have the benefit. 

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