Why Electro-Acupuncture Medicine [EAM] Works Better Than Other Acupuncture

ElectroAcupuncture Medicine EAM

There are many ways to do acupuncture, and every practitioner is different. I specialize in Electro-Acupuncture Medicine or EAM. It is a mixing of classical Chinese Medicine with Sub-Atomic Particle Medicine.ElectroAcupuncture Medicine EAM

Based on physics, this form of acupuncture works with the electrons of your body. In Asian Medicine School, everyone learns basic electric-acupuncture, and it is not the same.

Why EAM?

It is the very best form of acupuncture for pain hands down. I call it Orthopedic Acupuncture which can include prolotherapy injections. Functional medicine, the use of food, fitness, and supplements work amazingly with EAM treatment.

Are You In Pain? Electro-Acupuncture Can Medicine Reduce Or Eliminate It

Do you have a disease? Western research done by Dr. Kevin Tracy shows the use of sub-atomic particle medicine can cause remission or health in approximately twenty western diseases like diabetes, thyroid, digestion, menopause, fertility, and age-related illness – including wrinkles!ElectroAcupuncture Medicine EAM

If you’re a science-nut like me, here are some links to learn more. These explain the western side of EAM. The exciting news is when we understand our body and the earth are full of electrons and that EAM can help regulate these is a positive way, then it becomes Quantum Science!

Innovators In Medicine Western Research

Dr. Kevin Terry – Neurologist/CEO at the Feinstein Institute. Please, please take a moment and visit this page and watch the two videos. It will explain EAM, Electro-Acupuncture Medicine. I encourage you to invest the time.

Jim Al-Khalili – Physicist OBE FRS FInstP is a British theoretical physicist and professor of Theoretical Physics and Chair in the Public Engagement in Science at the University of Surrey, UK.

concept of human body and electrons We Are Made Of Electrons Just Like Everything

The science of electrons is exciting to me. It is a significant part of EAM. I’m using specific machines with specific settings, frequency on certain acupuncture points to create healthy healing, much like Dr. Terry’s and others in this field are discovering.

Want more on the Double Split Experiment I recommend this article.

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