Acupuncture For Veterans

Acupuncture For Veterans

Hey, did you know that community care provides acupuncture for veterans?

This isn’t anything new. Many vets are unaware of this option for care unless you ask. If you’re a veteran, you can request acupuncture for all pain-related problems and injuries, including those not from your time in the service, and for things like PTSD or anxiety.acupuncture for veterans

I Love Doing Acupuncture for Veterans


These are usually complex cases. Helping someone feel better is a great feeling. I love treating people who served in the military. It’s my way of giving back.

How Does Acupuncture Help With These Problems?


My go-to care for pain-related problems is to use EAM or Electro-Acupuncture Medicine. Please note that this is not Estim or TENS.

EAM uses brackets around the center of the pain when possible. If you have low back pain, we ‘bracket’ this and then use “Wave-Forms” through a Bi-phasic rectangular frequency to teach the brain how to reset the body in that area.electro acupuncture medicine

That was a mouth full, so let’s break it down more. With the bracket and a specialized machine, we tell the brain to send natural healing chemicals to the area we treat!

It works with PTSD, anxiety, and insomnia too. The acupuncture points for these conditions become part of acupuncture treatment for veterans or anyone suffering from other diseases.

Statistics say everyone will experience pain in their lives. I believe this is true. When a patient doesn’t have pain but has other symptoms, the VA can provide you with acupuncture for veterans under the community care program.

The Hard Facts About Getting Acupuncture For Veterans

VA Community Care

If you DO NOT indicate a specific acupuncturist, they will send you to the VA in Aurora–if you live in the Denver metropolitan area. This includes people living in Littleton, Lakewood, or the foothills! To avoid this, you can find a community care acupuncturist in your Littleton, Lakewood, or Conifer area  – like me.

You, the patient, are your best advocate to stop this from happening. Tell your doctor that you want to see me! Yep, you can request acupuncture with Debra Novotny. Of course, if you have someone you like in your community, request them instead. They must be part of the VA Community Care team.

If you don’t have the name of someone in your area, which is part of the Community Care Network, they likely will send you to the Aurora VA location.

Know Your Rights

acupuncture for veteransIf you have stated my name or someone else to see and the VA tries to schedule you elsewhere, you can tell them no. You want acupuncture treatment with the person or me of your choice. If you don’t know anyone in your area, they have a list of names they can suggest.

Bottom line, you do not have to drive to Aurora, VA. If you feel the drive is too long or far for you. This can be because it will cause pain to sit that long. Traffic can trigger PTSD for many people. You might have your own reasons for wanting to stay in your community.

The Best Acupuncture for You

To me, what’s the most important is that you use acupuncture for your problem. Doctors put many vets on drugs or PT with no or negligible results. Wherever you live, here in Colorado or another state, check into how acupuncture for veterans is part of your care through the VA and try it.

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