Shaun Boyd CBS Interviews Debra Arko Novotny About Acupuncture

Shaun Boyd CBS Interviews Debra Arko Novotny About Acupuncture

Helping You Get Acupuncture From The Best Providers

Debra Arko Novotny, Accent On Health Wellness Center AcupunctureShaun Boyd of CBS 4 News interviewed Dr. Debra Arko Novotny about the outdated law. This law stops patients [you] from getting acupuncture from the most qualified providers of the service – Licensed Acupuncturists. “Insurance parity”, the name of this law, means that you, the patient can select who provides acupuncture in Denver or Littleton to you. Your insurance company cannot say you must see a physical therapist. PT’s have less training and other medical professionals may have little training.

Accent On Health Wellness Center, an acupuncturist office offers advanced dry needling as well.

Before this law was passed, if you wanted your insurance company to cover physical medicine, acupuncture or dry needling you had to go to a physical therapist. PT’s have less than 30 hours of training. They don’t have to go to a formal Chinese Medical school to practice acupuncture. Chiropractors and medical doctors also do not have to attend a full college level program. Generally these professionals have less than 300 hours of informal education. Who do you want sticking you with  long needles?

Dry Needling and Acupuncture Covered By Health Insurance

With the change in the law health insurance, must allow patients to see an acupuncturist. Dr. Debra testified before the house and senate in Colorado successfully. Showing proof of over three dozen patients denied coverage even though she was the most qualified provider. Colorado law didn’t recognize her equally – a loophole insurance companies were taking advantage of.

Closing the Reimbursement Gap For Acupuncture In Denver

Since 2011, this gap is closed for medical insurance policies doing business in Colorado. Dr. Deb says don’t assume your insurance doesn’t cover the most qualified providers of acupuncture. She will call your insurance company for you checking benefits. “Often your acupuncture benefits will not show on your policy and the insurance company doesn’t understand this law. Most acupuncturist’s don’t either. That’s why it’s important to allow us to verify your benefit for you. About 50% of the time the patient is told they don’t have acupuncture coverage when they do!” Says Debra. “Oftentimes, the insurance rep is in another country and has no idea about laws in our state is also part of the problem.”

Making A Case For Verifying Your Health Insurance Coverage

acupuncture Dr. Debra’s office always verifies health insurance. Because of the passage of House Bill 1186 in 2011, physical therapists no longer are the only ones offering dry needling. This is another name for acupuncture. Insurance companies doing business in this state now must cover acupuncture or dry needling with licensed acupuncturists. If they pay for you to see a physical therapist, for example, who has less training they cover acupuncture with Dr. Deb.

Thanks to Debra Arko Novotny testimony and a small group of dedicated acupuncturists, House Bill 1186 was passed in 2011 and Coloradans noted little or no change. Watch the CBS News report by reporter Shaun Boyd about why this bill so needed.

 Shaun Boyd and Debra Arko Novotny

“The importance of this bill is that it updates an outdated statute. The law provides insurance companies with a list of professions that provide medical or related services. This means almost everyone with health benefits has some form of benefits even if it is not listed. This includes patients with a medicare supplement policy.” stated Debra when she spoke with Shaun Boyd.


“The original statue written over thirty years ago didn’t include licensed acupuncturists.”


“We didn’t become licensed in Colorado until 2001 and prior to this we were a registered profession since the late 1980’s; a good decade after the original statue. The addition of licensed acupuncturists to this statue will just make it possible for patients who have acupuncture as an insurance benefit to see a LAC or licensed acupuncturist. . . .”


Shaun spoke to several patients about the effectiveness of acupuncture, their health insurance, and how acupuncture has helped them through Debra’s services. Debra is also a functional medicine practitioner.


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