I Tried It: Acupuncture for Weight Loss

I Tried It: Acupuncture for Weight Loss

 How needles and magnets helped one new mom get her body back

Gaining weight when you’re pregnant isn’t unusual. New mom, Caitlin wanted to try something different after spending months in the gym without the weight budging she turned to acupuncture in Denver with us.

New Moms Find Losing Weight Easy With Acupuncture

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“At first I thought it might not work. Then I read an article about another new mom with the same problem, baby weight. Like me she’d changed her diet especially with nursing and was regular at the local gym; still she had belly fat.”

Caitlin’s first question was where would the acupuncture needles go? Dr. Debra explained that she would use tiny ear pins called auricular therapy because she places these on the outer ear to stimulate weight loss and curb cravings.

Acupuncture Can Help Weight Loss

She would also put acupuncture needles in her stomach area to help increase metabolism and reduce belly fat. One of Caitlin’s first remarks after treatment, “I didn’t realize how relaxing and comfortable acupuncture was. I don’t like needles and I didn’t feel these. Dr. Deb placed a small box beside me that connected to the needles in my tummy and I felt a gentle sensation.”

Debra explained to Caitlin, she would also place small ear magnets on the acupuncture points in her ear and she could push on these for the next couple of days if she felt hungry or wanted to enhance her visit.

Integrative Health Coaching Adds Success For New Mothers’acupuncture

She also recommended doing an integrative health history to find out if the gym program was the right one for Caitlin, to improve the best food options, and bring in more energy building foods specific to Caitlin into her diet.

After six weeks, Caitlin had marked weight loss and more energy. She didn’t diet rather they used foods that Caitlin liked to increase her metabolism.

She continued acupuncture weekly for two months along with changing some of her exercise routines her weight dropped to her pre-baby goal. Caitlin’s body also sculpted to a healthier more attractive shape than before.

Health Coaching More Than Just Health It’s Life Style Too

“I always felt my body didn’t fit my frame, but I didn’t understand why until after the baby and trying acupuncture. Many of the foods and even my typical way of exercising were not right for my body structure and metabolism. Integrative health coaching and acupuncture, both with Dr. Debra changed all that. The weight loss was the first step.Integrative Health coaching

“With coaching though you learn so much more and we worked on my career goals along with stronger relationships. This is something I had always worried about because I was adopted and wanted to meet my own birth mom. I think acupuncture for weight loss is the best thing any mom can do for their health and body.” Caitlin adds.

Helping new and experienced moms’ look and feel their best is one of our goals at Denver Acupuncture Health at Accent On Health. Mothers set the standard for their families usually and helping them is creating a healthy future for the next generation.

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