4 Ways to Let Go Of Stress and Insomnia

4 Ways to Let Go Of Stress and Insomnia

4 Ways to Let Go Of Stress and Insomnia

As COVID-19 continues to spread, peoples’ stress and insomnia soar higher.  Even the most laid-back people find themselves having trouble sleeping or feeling anxious. Uncertainty has become a way of life. Many people need a way to let go of stress and insomnia.

It’s not just the fact that you could get Covid-19 or if you have it ‘you’ll share-it,’ it’s the uncertainty we see in our world. Your life may be filled with doubt about your lively hood, your family, even your home. It’s not just a pandemic of health; it’s a pandemic of emotional anxiety and stress.  It is a time when nights are filled with a routine of waking each night and trouble getting back to sleep.

4 Ways to Let go of Stress and Insomnia


We can help ourselves by watching less news. We can relax our minds more through mediation and mindfulness. We can ease body tension by practicing yoga or other fitness. Let go of stress and insomnia first by looking at habits that may fuel excitement or worry in your life.

When we lack the time or doing the things mentioned above isn’t enough, what’s the answer? I hate pushing supplements, but I can tell you that your body doesn’t make enough of many natural chemicals needed in times like these. For me to let go of stress and insomnia, I have taken a regime of certain neurotransmitters. As we age beyond our teen years, our bodies make less of these in most cases.

Overcome Stress Now

I’m not talking about your basics in nutrients; instead, focus on the necessary natural chemicals your body and brain makes to help you to let go of stress and anxiety. These same neurotransmitters welcome relaxation and can help you sleep better at night.

Stressed Businesswoman Frustrated And Upset In Business Pressure

This is the fourth way to let go of stress and insomnia. Put away the idea of prescription drugs or over-the-counter pills. Instead, enhance your body’s ability to render anxiety and insomnia useless.

I recommend these formulas to anyone suffering from mental fog, cognitive issues, or lack of mental energy, too – given the right circumstances*. I’ve prescribed these to stroke patients*.

Bring back the Zen in your life with four unique formulas.

Relax without sedation*.

Bring the Zen back into your life. Help support a feeling of general relaxation and enhanced calmness during the daytime and night with GABA and L-theanine. Life is complicated enough without hard drugs that sedate you. Relax without sedation with their formula.

Zen Adapt*

Many people have stress or tension that affects the sleep cycle, but it interferes with every part of their person. With this third formula, you can help alleviate the physical, emotional, and mental effects of stress and tension. The main ingredient is ashwagandha and the patented Sensoril formula, a pure water extract.

Zen Sleep*

When we wake from a more deeply relaxed state, you’re ready to tackle the day with more ease and grace. Without a good night’s sleep, we tend to be reactive instead of being responsive to others. Sleep is so vital that numerous notable people have spoken out about its importance in the last decade.

P5P and 5-HTP are precursors to Serotonin and Melatonin. Using both at bedtime can help you drift into a deeper, more relaxed sleep. Often, I recommend a suspended release of Melatonin for anyone who finds themselves repeatedly waking in the middle of the night.

I understand personally how demanding life is, especially right now. There are days I struggle to let go of stress and insomnia. My practice and recommendation to you is to get into meditation if you are doing so yet. Look at your eating and exercise habits.

Finally, if you still are in a battle to let go of stress and insomnia, this group of formulas may be right for you. I am happy to work with you by phone –give me a call.

Accent On Health Wellness

Dr. Deb

*These statements are not medical advice; instead, they are for educational purposes only. Seek professional care before starting this or any supplement program.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

The 3 Options For Knee Joint Pain

The 3 Options For Knee Joint Pain

There are only three options when it comes to knee joint pain.

Take drugs to dull the pain. Treat it naturally or do surgery. I’m surprised at how many people jump to surgery without looking at the natural option!Showing Surgery Scene

Surgery Is Forever

I like to say surgery is forever if you don’t like the outcome – ‘Oh well! You’re stuck with it for life.’

The sharp pain and inability to do simple things like walking can make us desperate for relief. Maybe the medical doctor told you that you have bone-on-bone leaving you to believe you have no other options.

There’s still plenty of natural ways to treat knee joint pain or arthritis.

Pain Killer Addictions

concept of taking Opioids For many, the problems with drugs fill the news. People are getting hooked on Opioids. It is a long slow death for many. Where they lose family, their homes, their self-confidence, it’s not worth it to even try them for a short time.

Why take the chance of getting hooked? Think about how hard it is to avoid eating sugar. That’s how hard it is to get off addictive drugs like NSAIDs and Opioids.

Some drugs like Statins increase joint pain.

Knee Pain & Electro-Acupuncture Medicine

Acupuncture is noted as a successful alternative. Electro-Acupuncture Medicine [EAM] is even better. I keep letting everyone know it’s not the same as ‘regular’ estim-acupuncture – not at all.

Acupuncture - Knee With 2 NeedlesIt’s about helping the body release natural endorphins and other chemicals that block pain naturally. EAM also stimulates the brain to tell the body to repair itself.

Why would you not try this before surgery?  Why would you or anyone not use Electro-Acupuncture Medicine for knee joint pain instead of addictive drugs?

It’s Rarely About Money

Health insurance for patients in or near Littleton Colorado can get acupuncture under their coverage – even when it’s not specifically in their policy in most cases. It’s the law!

These aren’t all the natural options that I know work well. Look into PRP, Stem Cell, and I also do Acupuncture Injection [Prolotherapy] Therapy. This form of acupuncture has excellent results, too, for many.

How can I or others get the word out to people that knee joint pain can be relieved naturally? Maybe we can share this.


Why Curcumin May Be Better For Inflammation

Why Curcumin May Be Better For Inflammation

Remember when Turmeric was a hot topic for inflammation?  Then it was Curcumin, the naturally-occurring chemical compound found in the spice turmeric, highly recommended for any swelling.

A few years later, we hear about absorption problems and stomach upset so how can you get the benefits of curcumin and not end up with acid reflux?

Let’s Talk Benefits First


This popular spice of India not only adds a rich flavor to food it is considered a superfood. It helps to fight or reverse several ailments.

  • Indigestion
  • Relieves arthritis pain
  • Treats burns
  • Boosts your immunity
  • Cancer treatment – fights tumors
  • Curcumin is rich in iron and vitamin C.
  • Brain health
Arthritis or joint pain concept
Turmeric and Curcumin

No wonder Turmeric is considered a superfood with all it’s health benefits.

The Best Way To Use Curcumin Supplements

Whether your eating turmeric or taking a curcumin supplement, it is worth noting that you need to eat fat with it. Vegetable fat isn’t enough. A hearty animal protein or a salad with an olive oil-based dressing is ideal. Also pepper of all things activates the bioavailability of this spice so it can do its job.

Bioavailability means to make it useable by your body. So if you’re eating it make sure you use pepper. If you’re supplementing make sure your product has pepper on the ingredients.


Another thing.


Curcumin or turmeric can inhibit digestive enzymes. I recommend you take your enzymes at the beginning of a meal and your supplement after you have eaten – on a full stomach.

Turmeric Or Curcumin Which Is Best?


Most of my patients and I prefer a formula that includes ginger instead of pepper. Remember the acid reflux I mentioned above? Ginger has a similar action to help our stomach absorb the Turmeric while also being soothing. Pepper often irritates the digestive tract.


What About Turmerones?

Turmerones are valuable compounds found in turmeric essential oil. Turmerones have actions that are similar to curcumin, but they have only recently been the subject of serious scientific and clinical research. So far, studies show that this essential oil can decrease inflammation better than Curcumin alone.

If you’re unhappy with your Turmeric or aren’t taking an anti-inflammatory supplement, may I recommend you look into taking it. Even if you don’t suspect inflammation in your body, the benefits to brain health are remarkable. However let’s be honest. Everyone has some form of inflammation, and the fact it may assist in reducing tumors. Taking Curcumin is a no-brainer.

How To Naturally Treat Food Poisoning

How To Naturally Treat Food Poisoning

Have you ever had an itch that burns? An itch that makes you feel like your skin is on fire? The left sole of my foot itched so deep I used a blunted tool to dig in, still no relief. It moved to my left palm, then my right pinky of all places. I had food poisoning. I had an allergic reaction.

The Ultimate Allergic Reaction

The itch, as it’s now called, moved recklessly all over my body. No place safe from the itch. A true allergic reaction. Skin irritation is so unpleasant, and the constant battle brings on fatigue and physical weakness.

It started at one of our favorite [not any longer] Mexican restaurants. By the time we’d finished eating, I knew something was wrong. My stomach was achy, so I quickly took some enzymes that I carry. Food poisoning wasn’t on my mind.

The Many Faces Of Food Poisoning

My husband felt fine until the middle of the night. He woke with all the typical food poisoning symptoms: Stomach ache, diarrhea, fever, and chills. Myself on the hand had a different response.

If you ever have a similar allergic reaction to food poisoning, here are some tips, including not eating that food again. Here’s what you can do the next time food attacks you.

allergic Reaction concept
food poisoning

If you ever have a similar allergic reaction to food poisoning, here are some tips, including not eating that food again. Here’s what you can do the next time food attacks you.

The Best Natural Treatment 

Keep dietary Charcoal on hand. Take 450-580 mg on an empty stomach 2-4 times a day until all your symptoms are gone. The charcoal will bind to the toxins and move them out of your digestion. It must be taken on an empty stomach. It’s critical to wait 2 hours after taking it before eating.

Add-in with your food, Quercetin, Vitamin C, and Bromalin.

Staying Away From Western Medicine

I know many times people don’t know what they can do that is safe and natural. We hurry to get Benadryl or a steroid from the doctor. Both of these do more harm than good.  Suppressing your symptoms only makes your allergic reaction last longer because the toxins are still inside you.

If you’re in trouble with a rash or itchy skin, due to any reason, try these natural supplements. When your skin itches you’re having an allergic reaction. You can also try Allergy elimination treatments. They’re a specific acupuncture treatment to stop some allergies.  We’re happy to talk to you by phone and help you with your online order. Food poisoning is no fun.

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