Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine centers on you. Whether you’re currently dealing with a health issue or you are seeking to feel vibrant, look younger, and live longer.  Functional Medicine approaches health different than western Medicine. 

First we look at are you getting the right nutrients from your food. We want to see how food or your environment may be affecting you. Together we plan what foods enhance health for you, help your mental outlook, and the role of physical activities, and what therapies work best for you.

Natural or Functional medicine is what lifestyle works best for you. It’s about what nutrition your body is doing well with and what is lacking. 

It is the practice of patient-centered care, not disease-centered care. It is listening more to what the patient says to the practitioner. Together we discover how to help you have more energy, feel better, and live longer. 

Functional Or Natural Medicine 

Foods and Absorbiton

It’s getting harder to find foods that are not toxic. Many people gain weight, find they have allergies to all the preservatives that are added. So how can you get the nutrition you need?

If you find you have gut or GI problems, allergies, joint pain you may be not absorbing your food. 

Natural medicine can help you.

The Right Lab Work

Not everyone will need specialized lab tests. For those that do we look at your ability to absorb minerals and vitamins, your hormones, and a full cardiometabotic profile. 

In addition to these tests, we offer MTHFR, Telomere, ApoE, and stool sample testing. Also allergy and other non-standard testing as required. 

Lifestyle and Fitness

Functional medicine incorporates a healthy life and staying fit. This may be weight loss, better sleep, or less stress. 

Get in touch with your Body-Mind-Spirit and have more energy, look younger, and live longer – healthy. 

Food And Supplement Therapy


What You Need to Know About Your Appointment

Ready to get started? Your first visit will be about 1.5 hours long. 

During this visit you and Debra decide what is most important to you about your health and wellness. 

Then a plan of action is created that you both feel great about. 

It’s a partnership when you work with Debra. 

Working with Debra is a life changer. My stress is gone. I know how to relax and I didn’t even realize I wasn’t getting all the nutrition I needed from my food! WOW! Do I feel alive and healthy. 


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