Health Insurance For Acupuncture Or Advanced Dry Needling

We are in-network with most health care insurance for both acupuncture and dry needling. We are to accept your acupuncture or physical medicine insurance to help you in your healing and wellness.

Many insurance companies cover your naturopathy office visit with us too!  Let us contact your insurance on your behalf to see how best to help you.  Find out more by calling our office or read more here.


Bio-Individuality is a new buzzword you’ll hear more often as western medicine tries to evolve beyond the disease or illness model. Traditional medicines always focused on your Bio-Individuality. We call it Functional Medicine. 


Homeopathy is Debra’s first love. It is pure, clean, and any person of any age can take homeopathic remedies.


Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is based on treating the individual with highly diluted substances given in 3 forms.  Read more….

Herbal Medicine My mother used to say, “Herbal Medicine is as old as the hills!” What she was talking about is the fact that every culture had plant-based remedies. Most people, who know me, think I am only referring to Chinese Medicine herbal practices. I use a number of plant-based theories. They include Ayurvedic, Native American, and Asian herbs.  Read more…

Functional Medicine

Is a patient-centered approach to health and wellness. Traditional western medicine focuses on illness and disease, learn more about how we incorporate Functional healthcare into your life. Read more…

Essential Oils

We can distill down every plant, spice or herb to its essence. We call these essential oils. These medicals can aid babies to the elderly in health and wellness. Learn more about how nature’s remedies can help you and your family. Read more…

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