Back Pain With Littleton Acupuncture – Accent On Health Wellness Center

Back Pain With Littleton Acupuncture – Accent On Health Wellness Center

Life Is Too Short To Have To Have To Live With Back Painback pain Relief

Back pain isn’t something anyone should just have to live with. When your back hurts, it can feel like you hurt all over. Your hips may throb, and your legs may tingle. If your back pain is between your shoulder blades feeling in your hands may come and go. I know, I had both and acupuncture helped me! My name is Debra Arko Novotny and I treat back pain at my Littleton acupuncture office, Accent On Health Wellness Center.

If you let your pain go, it can begin to affect your life in many ways. You may find you no longer like being active and miss out on things you once found pleasure in. For many patients, they gain weight and lose hope afraid they won’t be able to enjoy family and friends.

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Back pain can come in waves and last weeks at a time, or be more severe and never truly go away. Denver Acupuncture Health located on the edge of Littleton in Jefferson County provides you with a solution that works and can put you back on the path towards happiness.

Littleton Acupuncture Can Provide Long Term Relief!

At Denver Acupuncture Health, acupuncture can provide you with the pain relief that you need. Compared to other forms of treatment, our patients have found that through acupuncture, they experience fewer episodes of pain and a sense longer relief overall.

Through stimulating your central nervous system, we can trigger the release of your bodies’ natural healing chemicals into your muscles, spine, and brain. In doing so, the pain you once felt is altered and your body can create a sense of inner well-being.

upper back pain reliefAcupuncture will not fix your back, but rather provide you a solution to handle the pain you often experience. Our goal at Denver Acupuncture Health is to provide our patients with a sense of relief and an alternative way to seek the pain relief that they desire.

Back Pain Relief An Ageless Solution

Whether you’ve had back pain for years or it’s something new, Acupuncture is a great alternative to over the counter drugs or addictive prescriptions. Dr. Deb also is versed in physical medicine helping you with fitness to get moving again and becoming aware of foods that actually prolong pain by increasing physical inflammation! Injury or age doesn’t mean you must live in pain or with a limited range of motion. Littleton Acupuncture can bring you more movement and back pain relief.


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