Painless Acupuncture

Painless style at Accent On Health Wellness Center.  Feel The Difference

Accent On Health Wellness Center welcomes you to a gentle experience with painless acupuncture. Dr. Debra specializes in Orthopedic acupuncture helping patients with pain, arthritis, injury, and workman’s compensation injuries.

Back pain, shoulder pain, even knee pain can be treated with painless acupuncture working with the body not against it. It nourishes and relaxes muscles, helps heal tendons, and ligaments. Repair sprain and strains. Dr. Deb can help you pre and post-surgery to heal quicker and with less pain.

Acupuncture and Debra are not limited to Orthopedic care. “I work have a long and successful history treating insomnia, migraines, weight loss, digestion problems, women’s issues, even anti-aging.”

Because Dr. Debra is also trained in Functional Medicine her expertise in the field of natural medicine enhances her understanding of how to help you get healthy and stay healthy.

Chinese Medicine Services

Acupuncture Injection Therapy

Acupuncture Injection Therapy or Biopuncture is a large part of our care here at Accent On Health Wellness Center. More patients prefer to avoid cortisone or other toxic knee, hip, back injections.

Acupuncture injections which are painless area healthy alternative. Natural injections are also is used for natural facials, weight loss, and more. 

For instance B12 and LipoLean ‘shots’ for weight loss or anxiety are very popular.  


Gentle Cupping

Chinese or Asian Medicine has long been the leader in high quality cupping therapy. Originating in Greece, cupping is the ancient art of releasing toxins, improving circulation, and promoting healing for thousands of years. 

Cupping Therapy has gained popularity through the Olypmics because of the distinctive mark left by some practitioners. This is not necessary for professional cupping to be effective. 

Try cupping with a professional. Avoid injury from those who are not licensed in Chinese Medicine by not allowing others to cup you. 

Kinesiology taping

Seen on all types of athletes from the couch warrior to the triathlon athletes taping is trending. Why?  Because it works. It helps to stimulate the muscles, and other tissues to heal and relax. 

Manual Therapies

Are you ready to experience mild physical hands on therapy?  Debra uses manual traction, joint mobilization, myofascial release/soft tissue mobilization to facilitate the movement or flow of fluids. It also helps in stretching of shortened muscular or connective tissue. This is not massage! It is considered a form of Chinese medicine or physical medicine. Experience the difference!

Orthopedic Fitness - Rehabilitation

Powerful Care looks at the whole person. When working with pain or injury it’s important to address also the patient’s future need of enjoying their life. This is where personalized balance, fitness, and rehabilitation care come in. It’s all part of your Painless Acupuncture or Advanced Painless Dry Needling visits! 

Applied Kinesology - Infrared - E-Stim

As part of your care with Dr. Debra here at Accent On Health you’ll enjoy advanced AK or Applied Kinesology as part of your treatment.

Infrared known for it’s ability to induce weight loss, detox the muscle tissue, and guide lymphatic drainage is also available for those patients that desire it. 

Various types and styles of Electric-Stimulation can be used to enhance your acupuncture treatment and deepen your stress relief and relaxation. 

Gentle Non-Toxic Acupuncture Injection Therapy

Infrared Therapy

What You Need to Know About Your Appointment

Simply put – we take our time with you. As a new patient expect to spend about 1.5 hours in our office. Depending on what type of care you and Dr. Deb decide on your future visits will last between 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. 

For your first visit you’ll complete new patient paperwork so that your visit is spent in partnership with Debra creating the best course of action.  Because we don’t sell programs or plans each visit is customized to your health and needs. 

I have Fibromyalgia. Since coming here, it’s been really helping me. I feel 100% better and don’t have to take any of the medications. I have pain all over my body and I’m not really experiencing that pain anymore. My grandson always asks when I am going because he’s really notice how it’s helped, even with my sleep. I’m not so stiff and sore all the time. It’s really helped me. [Video Testimonal]

Rebecca L. – Fibromyalgia

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