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I love to eat, do you? Unfortunately, many foods we eat affect our cholesterol. Many people just go with their medical recommendation to take statins and then experience muscle and joint problems. Worse yet many more note loss of memory.

One study recently published in Pubmed, Statin-Associated Memory Loss: Analysis Of 60 Case Reports And Review Of The Literature. found that after two months, 50% of the people in the study developed memory loss. When the prescription drugs were stopped fourteen (56%) of 25 patients noted a return in memory function.

Many drugs have side-effects, this is just some found with this group of medications. Often people don’t want to take prescriptions and working with a health coach can help you enjoy foods without eating stuff you hate.

From Drugs To Natural Foods

So first if you have side-effects from the meds for high Cholesterol, talk to your doctor and let them know you’re working with a health coach.

Your physician may be able to stop your medications or decrease them. Then start discovering what foods work to help you. Also, there are many natural supplements and herbs. Finding out which ones is part of your work with your coach.

I would estimate that 50% of my clients are on statins or told they need to watch their LDL levels.

Where Food Comes In For Cholesterol Levels

We all have heard that oats, or oat bran such as fiber can help but why then doesn’t it seem to be effective? It may be the quality. A food is closer to how mother-nature made it. This is key. Eating this type of food means eating better for your health.

natural foods

There’s a myth that organic foods or natural are more expensive. Look at it this way for starters, preservatives, food dyes, and GMO’s create more health problems long term you financial pay for later.

What are some of these other foods?

Eat more healthy fats! Fish or omega -3 fatty acids are next. If you’re like me, I don’t care for fish or have allergies, using supplements. I use Flaxseed oil.

Nuts are helpful especially almonds. I have a health issue with the pasteurizing and radiation they use on almonds. If you are sensitive too, use walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, some pine nuts, or pistachio nuts.

Happy food is a must and no one has sensitively or allergies to these. They are rewarding relationships, walking or other low impact activity, and work in your life that excites you!

Things in Bottles Often Create Side-Effects

Again over-the-counter Cholesterol supplements often are not the quality needed to create change. What would I give you? I base it on your bio-individuality. One person medicine is another’s poison. Remember this is true for food too.

The unique aspect of my coaching is I am also a functional medicine practitioner so we can utilize this style of lab testing and natural yet prescriptive herbs and supplements to match your unique individuality.

So now that we’ve talked about how you can go natural in balancing your cholesterol let’s discuss why you would.

There is growing evidence that statins don’t work to lower LDL. The statistics are growing against their use still…Even with these side affects doctors are saying that the benefits that statins provide to patients outweighs the risk. What do you think?

Statins and Alzheimer’s disease.

Side-effects of muscle and joint pain

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