How To Protect Your Skin

protect your skinIt was beautiful today outside hitting almost 80 degrees and it’s still winter here in Denver. It’s a perfect day for a run or other outdoor fun. The problem is how to protect your skin. Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer. My husband has developed abnormal skin cells six times in recent years. We learned what to avoid years ago it’s doing it that matters. Once the damage is done, you have no choice but to have skin checkups every three months. Until it happens to someone you love or yourself, many people just say ‘not me’. It’s not just the sun you should worry about there’s a lot of research warning you off the many popular brands that contain toxic chemicals.

Three Ways To Protect Your Skin

Protect Yourself From The Sun

We all need natural sunlight. It helps us heal and without it, we don’t make vitamin D. When the rays of the sun touch our skin something wonderful happens we begin to make vitamin D3 also known as calciferol. Supplements take months to be absorbed to the levels you need. Sunlight is natural and fast.

Part of a good fitness program includes spending time outside. In my six-month health coaching program, we look at ways even busy professionals can enjoy the sunshine daily. It’s a powerful healer of the mind when you’re depressed or not feeling your best. Besides communing with nature, taking time to walk for instance feels good and  vitamin D is essential to mood[1], and there is a link between long-term deficiency, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s.[2]

Research shows that using an SPF 30 sunscreen that is water-resistant on both sunny and cloudy days, is your best protection on bare skin. The problem is most brands that we see displayed in stores contain chemicals that interfere with hormone production and the study by Science News suggests an increase basal cell cnacer

This chemical is octyl methoxycinnamate[3]. OMC for short. OMC is found in 90% of all sunscreen brands.

One of my favorite product lines is Alba to protect your skin. It offers everything from lip protection to sunscreen. You can find this skin care at most holistic grocery stores like Whole Foods or Vitamin Cottage. At both stores, you’ll find a selection of brands beyond Alba; find the one that works best for you. Tao Skincare has a facial sunscreen that is organic and vegan. I haven’t found anything in the health food stores that come close. You simply add a few drops to your favorite moisturizer and lotion and abracadabra your desired Sun Shield.

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  1. Clothes Matter To Protect Your Skin

The best bet to avoid skin cancer is what you wear. Below is a short list of ideas that I recommend.

Always wear sunglasses made for sunlight protection.

  1. Use hats to shade delicate facial skin and your neck. If you want to stay looking younger, these are key as sun creates wrinkle fast. Many vendors make lightweight clothes for wearing in the sun. These are best in darker colors.
  2. Stay out of the sun, between 10 am and 2 pm when the rays are strongest even on cloud-covered days to protect your skin. Keep in mind, the hottest time of the day though is 4 pm, when the heat of the day builds to the highest temperature.
  3. Stay out of tanning beds. Many emit up to 12 times more UVA light than the sun according to the Skin Cancer Foundation[4]. They go on to explain in literature that UVA rays damage skin cells. This adds years to the beauty of your skin by damaging the It also raises your risk of skin cancer.  Research shows that tanning indoors increases your risk by 75%.

Skin Cancer3. Scan For Abnormal Moles – They Can Be Skin Cancer

Anyone can develop skin problems, even dark complexion people. Look at your body monthly for moles that have changed in shape or size. Take note of new skin changes, skin cancer comes in many ways. Watch your back, arms, legs, neck, and face closely using mirrors when needed. If you live with someone, ask him or her to do a buddy check with you.

If you find anything unusual, talk with a dermatologist and get a full-body skin checkup once a year. Remember melanoma when found in early stages is usually curable. If skin cancer spreads to the lymph nodes or other organs, the five-year survival rate drops, to as little as 16%.

Many female health coaching clients have made this part of the body health monthly exams when they check for breast cancer. Remember our mentoring program is about living long and healthy. I can’t help you if you’re not committed to enhancing your lifestyle and investing in you.

Protect your skin even in colder climates or winter months. Use something safe.







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